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Only God can truly change the way a person sees the world.
After going through the storms, where the enemy has hurled,
Everything he could, Lucifer will still ly on the floor, curled,
Like a little infant, without an end to his tears,
Because in an instant, He will realize all his fears,
And will not be able to stop crying, 
Cause Jesus is alive, and Satan slowly dying.
So Know Hope - Because there is so much.
From me to all of you, that I havent spoken to in so long.
Blessings From Jerusalem

I prefusely apologize for my very long delay in my monthly letters. There have been a few speedbumps in the road, but luckily God has a 4X4! So I'm back. With more news from Jerusalem and more Revelations in Hebrew (Check Below). Recently to Jerusalem's surprise, a group of 10 South African schollars (Doctors, Engineers etc.  sold they're belongings and felt God's call to move to Israel for 2 years, to learn the language and the culture, and to be a blessing to the Jews. Age range between 22-36 years old. They have truly been such a blessing to the Land and People of Israel, honestly, just bringing hope and Joy to everyone they talk to and serve. It's just so amazing to know that in these materliastic days, there are still servants of Almighty Abba, willing to pay the price for living according to His will. Be encouraged. Times are changing, and so will the hearts of many.
Hebrew Revelation Of The Day.

Nachshon - נחשון
The word Nachshon in Hebrew comes from the root word - Nachash (נ.ח.ש), meaning snake. See a nachshon is a long thin steel flexible wirelike tool (looks like a steel snake) used to clean clogged drain pipes in Israel. So when the water can't flow, a person would stick this 10 yard wire into the drain, and unclog the pipes resulting in easy water flow. Even though the Nachson would be covered with filth, and maybe even bent in a few places. The amazing thing is, the same word in Hebrew means Pioneer. Can you believe it - Pioneer. If you think of a pioneer, he is the one clearing the path through the jungle, and getting bruised and scraped by the stones and bushes. But after he is done, the path is open for walking with ease. I believe we are all called to be Pioneers for Yeshua. Even though sometimes we might get bruised and scraped by our surroundings, we are here to make the living water flow easily for those stuck in the drain pipes of this world.
Let Yeshua destroy your fear
and become His Pioneer.

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