Our First Movie Teaching Is Free!!
Shalom <<First Name>>

Giving is AWESOME!
"Bring The Best Of The FirstFruits Of Your Soil To The House Of The Lord Your God"
Exod 34:26]
"But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep" [
1 Corinth 15:20]
Isnt it weird how when God tells you to give stuff away, it just takes such a weight off, once you do? Feels awesome right? God tells us to give away our firstfruits. What we forget is that He did the same. Check the 2nd verse above. Gods firsfruits from His harvest was His best and only - Jesus Christ, who was raised from the dead. Only the beginning
So talking about firstfruits, Little Jerusalem is sharing it's first fruits with the rest of the World for free. Our first Movie Teaching - "TalithaKumi" is now free for viewing on Youtube at the following website: [duration 15min]:
Talithakumi is a huge artistic message straight from Jerusalem. Share it with your churches, family, and friends. 
It's AWWEESOOOME!! Thanks for your time. We need alot of hits on youtube, so please share it and show it to everyone.Thank You!!
Don't forget our Hebrew revelation of the day. God Bless!!

Hebrew Revelation For The Day!

(Baruch) (ברך)
Did you know that most of the recited prayers in Hebrew and Judaism start with one word:
Baruch. It means Blessed. And they have thousands of memorized prayers.
The Beginning of every prayer starts as follows:
Blessed Be The Lord Our God, King of the Universe.
So with the craziness of Hebrew I realized that in
the 3 Hebrew root letters 
ב....ר....ך; [Be..re..ch]: The same letters is also used for knee. As follows:

Knee (Berech)                                         בֶּרֶךְ שֵם נ'
To Bless (Birech)                                   בֵּרֵךְ פ' פיעל
To Be Blessed (Burach)                          בֹּרַךְ פ' פועל

What does knee have to do with blessing? Back in the day, when you prayed you would always get on your knees and pray,
and you would start your prayer with Blessing God like follows:

"Baruch Attah Adonai Eloheinu Melech HaOlam."
"Blessed Be The Lord Our God, King Of The Universe." 
"[Come, Let us bow down in Worship (
Blessing God), Let us kneel before the Lord Our Maker. Psalm 95:6]"
How Cool. When you bow down, you are at your most Humble Position. It shows Humility. When's the last time you litterly got on your knees
and worshipped the creator of the Universe! C'mon!! Let's do it together!

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