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"If you are going through Hell, Keep Going!!"
-Windston Churchill

So much around us in today's time looks like it promotes "Single Independant" living. Don't get married, it's an institution, don't make such a big commitment with work, Be free, Feel Free, it's easier, etc. "I'm not having fun anymore in this relationship, or with my job - I want to quit. We hear these words so much in our modern world. The most important thing we forget though is God truly loves, respects and blesses commitment. He loves Perseverance, He made one of the biggest commitments/covenants with His people, and with you by sending His only son -Yeshua. After all - long suffering, even though a sacrifice is still one of the fruits of the spirit.
Sometimes G-d specifically tells you to get out of a situation, but if not - Have No Fear & Perservere

As you know, we count as blessed those who have persevered....  
The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.
James 5:11

As of recent I have begun to raise financial and prayer support for my return to the promised land, to continue my calling with the Youth in the Streets of Jerusalem. Besides the odd job here and there to raise finances for my return, my Israel awareness DVD's are still in the making, as well as planning on doing a short speaking tour before I fly. Please pray for my support and that G-d would really do His work in me to prepare me for my return. Thank you all again so much for standing with me and helping me to know G-d and make Him known.
Hebrew Revelation For The Day!

Persevere (Hatmid)

Todays Hebrew Root Revelation is HUGE, so make sure you read until the end.
When we make a covenant, many times we have to persevere through that commitment.
If you have a look below, you will see other words with exactly the same roots as the word - Perseverance.

To persevere, To persist,                                                     (Hatmid)
To "stick with"                                                               הִתְמִיד פ' הפעיל
          Persistance,Diligently                                                                    (Hitmadah)             
Continouosly, Inertia,                                                                      הַתְמָדָה שֵם נ'     
Always                                                                               (Metamid)  מתמיד
Forever (Eternity)                                                              (Letamid)   לתמיד
  Constantly ; Every Time ;                                       (Tamid)   תָּמִיד תואר הפועל

   Daily offering                                                              (Tamid)  תָּמִיד שֵם ז
Words like To persist, to stick with, Diligence, Inertia (moving in a straight line) Always, Forever, Everytime, and my personal favourite - Daily Offering.
Is'nt that nuts, When we Continuously Persevere and Persist through life as a Believer, in work, with friends, Marraige or in our relationship with G-d, we are actually giving "Daily Offerings" to G-d, He gave us His biggest offering (His Son) and made an "Eternal -Forever", covenant with us. And G-d "Always" and "Forever" "sticks with" His covenants. So when He sais you are eternally forgiven when you repent, you are, when He promises to love you, He does. And if He can do it, so can we. When we live out our covenants we are actually giving off physical sacrificial smells which pleases G-d. How Amazing.

Haha, so the next time we say "I Do", and you Persevere, you are actually giving off a Pleasing Daily Offering smell to please G-d.
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