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The Robe Of Annointing!
Isn't it weird how sometimes we can almost feel like we're wearing a robe of God's annointing? And then other times, we're like: aaah, I've lost my robe! And we end up feeling spiritually naked, like G-d has dissapeared, and He took his presence with him. This is the stage where a lot of young believers stop believing in God. But do you stop believing in the sun when it sets and you cannot see it? Imagine what the trees feel like when winter comes, and their "robe" dissapears. I'm sure they keep on praising their Creator.

You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. 
Isaiah 55:12
Hello again all my amazing prayer warriors!! Oh, How I've missed you!
I apologize for the long awaited absence, but I hit a bit of a bumpy road since I returned back to South-Africa for my visa run, I have been very busy speaking at churches, youth groups, high schools etc. while working, making things and selling and trying to raise finances for our return to Jerusalem, Israel. Woohoo! Although sadly enough for those who haven't heard, almost 2 months ago we were on a family outing, where my mom, Annemarie shattered her 5th vertebrae in her neck and came close to being a quadraplegic (completely paralized) in front of our eyes. It was such a shocking accident, but after world wide intercession, she is recovering miraculously. There is still lots of pain, but she is walking and praising the Lord. Halleluyah! Thank all of you for your prayers and support. We are so excited to be returning back to our calling in Jerusalem in less than 3 weeks.
The enemy will not prevail, for we are the head and not the tail.
Please Keep Us in Your Prayers!! We need it!!  

Hebrew Revelation For The Day!

The Robe!

Like I mentioned above, if you've ever felt like you've worn a Robe of annointing, and had it taken away. Check this out:
Joseph's entire story can be summed up through his robe
Beginning: Jacob favored Joseph out of all the brothers and gave him an ornamented Robe, He's brothers stripped him of his robe, and threw him in a cistern, became Potiphar's slave. Robe is gone.
Middle: Robe comes back, Potiphar favors Joseph, puts him in charge of household. Potiphar's wife wants to sleep with him, Joseph said no, she held onto his robe/cloak, used it as evidence in her lie, saying: "Joseph tried to sleep with her". So - Joseph goes to prison, Robe is gone.
Climax: Robe comes back, Joseph gets put in charge of entire prison, as a prisoner himself, interprets a man's dream who gets set free, but forgets about Joseph, Robe is gone.
End: Robe comes back, Joseph interprets King Pharoah's dream. Who then puts Joseph in charge of entire Egyptian Kingdom, and gives him a richly ornamented Robe..actually. and even more so, receives Potiphar's daughter's hand in marriage. Robe stays!!
How cool. Seriously! Isn't that nuts. If you read the following verses, you'll see: He keeps receiving a robe, and then loses it again. But here we can see that God always knows what he's doing. Never stop believing!! In the end "The Robe stays" and "God prepares a table before you
    in the presence of your enemies". God's eyes are always on you, even if it doesn't feel like it!
Gen: 37:3&4
Gen: 37:23&24
Gen: 39:11-15
Gen: 39:21&22
Gen:40: 23
Gen: 41-45

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