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Revelation Junkie!
Have you ever really thought how insanely amazing a "Revelation" from God is?
A revelation is'nt just when God speaks to you, but when your entire life turns into a different direction, because of God sharing something deep with you.
Jesus asked his disciples who they thought the "Son Of Man" was. Simon Peter answered: You are the messiah, the Son Of The Living God. Where Jesus replied, Bless you Peter, because this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my father in heaven. Mark 16:13-19

Are you ready for a free Tour Of The Holy Land. So Awesome! We have put together a Free Online Virtual Tour Experience of the Promised Land for all of you beautiful people who can't make it. All short videos are under 5 minutes. They're short, funny, educational, spiritually informative, revelational, and best of all - Free!!. Just click on the following link and choose which site in Israel you would like to see., then share and forward it to all your friends:

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New Virtual Tour Experiences are uploaded every week. Please Share it with the World.
Little Jerusalem is trying it's best to involve you and the church all around the world, with God's heart in Israel through our youtube videos. So come and look where Jesus walked and talked, died on the cross, resurrected, where He's coming back to and so much more. Stay Tuned.
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Hebrew Revelation For The Day!

The word Revelation [התגלות] (Hitgaloot) can be derived from
Galgal [גלגל] – wheel
Gal [גל] - Wave, Movement
Galooey [גילוי] – Discovery
Gilgal [גלגל] - To be rolled
Hitgaloot[התגלות] - Revelation
Legalot[לגלות] - To Reveal

 Like always, isn't Hebrew crazy!! God understands that when we get a Revelation, it's because the Father has "discovered" something to us, where it's supposed to act like a spiritual wheel, or wave and move our lives into a better direction, because the past sins have been rolled off us. It even sais it in Joshua 5:9. Look:
"Then the Lord said to Joshua, "This day I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you". Therefore the name of this place is called Gilgal to this day. See Gilgal (Rolling Away) marks the place where God "rolled away" the reproach of Egypt. Israel's era of shameful captivity (and rejection) now officially came to an end. God gave the Nation Of Israel a Revelation. Similarly, He wants to give you one too. Cool hu? 
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