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It Takes A Thief

Yes it does, take a thief.  To get into your head and pockets about how to swing a club, or play this game.  To shut down or shun ideas that could really help others - because the powers-that-be can't monetize them (yet).  To hijack the person within you who performs the best on the golf course, and in that other pastime, known as life.

Well, allow me steal a few of your life's precious minutes and attempt to educate, engage (or enrage?) & enlighten you on a few things that might keep the thieves at bay...

But first things first: click above on Thievery Corporation's hit single from their 1997 album It Takes A Thief, sit (or stand and move - so critical for mind/body efficiency) back, and listen.

"Too low to find my way
Too high to wonder why
I've touched this place before
Somewhere in another time"

Been there with you, friends: hitting it SO bad (too low) that you'll listen to anyone, preaching anything, at anytime. Especially the latest and greatest.  What's trending.  What the freak shows on TV are doing (Tour players). 

Too high? That's your head spinning from all the supposed experts out there telling you how to do it according to the averages, the numbers, the optimals.  You're too high from all the choices, options, the noise. 

You knew the title of the song refers to Lebanese hashish, right?  Ooh... Ahh... Time to unsubscribe.  Please do, no offense taken.  What's offensive to me is the utter disservice all the wanna-be smarty pants in the golf realm are doing to pollute the game and confuse the masses.  Best they sit down with a big pipe load, and reconsider...

But said substance is illegal you claim.  Roger.  And then again, not so very long ago, so was:

- Alcohol
- Keeping chickens within city limits
- Opening your business establishment on Sunday
- Marrying people of the wrong race combination
- Opting out of serving in the military
- Owing people money (used to be a crime if not paid, now a civil matter)
- Marijuana (though it was legal until the 1940's)

And much, much more - things that are now readily accepted.

Oh, you've touched these places before (you know - questioning authority, the rules and regulations, the 'supposed to swing this way' scenarios), but maybe someone has swiped your courage, your good sense, your true intentions.  They get stuck somewhere in another time? Time to reclaim, people.

"A half a million thoughts
Are flowing through my mind"


And I used to thing 99 Swing Thoughts was a lot...  Add another 500,000 or so, and see how you're doing.  Abundant choice often creates doubt and/or indecision - real thorns in the side of your golf swing, and other worthy intentions. 

Question: what sort of clarity might you experience on and off the links if you could release the ego's grip (Vardon, interlock, 10-finger - no matter) on the brain?  What if there was a way to get your mind out of an unwanted setting (as it is before certain situations on-course), and halt it from ruminating about some past, or future, potential trauma?

Nothing 'bad,' scary or harmful happening right now, is there?  Just your mind projecting a whole bunch of maybes...

Don't worry - you don't have to go through a trepanation (read article for definition - if you dare...) to do so.  Curious - curiosity is a trait of happy, content and purposeful humans, BTW - to learn more?  LOOK OUT - more taboo!  Click on the dream-like image just above, and learn how one woman has taken matters into her own hands for the sake of helping others.  With or without consent from the 'powers that be.'

"Never let reality get in the way of imagination."

CS Golf Experience

Here's another brilliant, evidence -based (30 years of research from performance backwards, to be specific) approach to help you find your own personal flow state - yours is unique to you - just prior to a motion: The Opti Train system.  I use it in most of my coaching sessions; you could to.  Click on the rainbowesque brain for details.

Need some guidance in any (and all) aspects of your golf?  I'm here.  Pumpkin Ridge 'til the end of month or so, then onto my new home at Eugene Country Club. 

Send me a note on if I can help.


“All great innovations, at the start, become great disturbances.  It’s only later on that we act as if they have habitually been there.  But I look around and I see a telephone or a car or an airplane.  And I think, ‘My God! How much imagination has gone into any of these instruments?’”

-- Azar Nafisi, celebrated author of Reading Lolita in Tehran.



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