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Shades Of...

You know who I'm referring to but of course (below), such that we are all so enchanted (or cursed, rather) by comparisons (championed by the race to the bottom sans finish line: Social Media!) in this day and age.. In golf swing.  In handicap/index #.  In keeping up with the Kardashians - uh... I mean the Joneses - upon life's daily sidewalks. 

Ah... the images of the visitors to the Capitol from a few howling moons ago.  Etched in your mind like the memory of a bad miss-hit?  I understand.  How to erase, and re-program for success?  Consider:

Picture/visualize/experience the voyage of the ball you WANT.  How you want it to fly or roll.  Where you want it to land.  Where its journey terminates (in the fairway, on the green, or in the hole) - a 'happy' ending, please. 

You see: everything starts with a picture (bear-skinned, face-painted horned dude, and Tim the Enchanter alike, staff/spear at their sides) in life and on the golf course - and you are in charge of that picture. 

Thought (what and how, prior to a golf motion), after all, does precedes action.

Proper planning and pre-programming (the D.C. mobsters knew that) are essential pieces of success or failure on the links; are you taking those important steps before each and every shot - or simply hoping, then hitting?

Ah... You've given up on such a protocol, 'cause things haven't turned out as you've planned, as you've wanted, at times? Gotcha.  But such is the way of the world (even before that nasty bug reared its tiny yet destructive head) amigos, and the nature of this fickle, random and chaotic game we play. 

Not up for an adventure, detour or rub of the green? No problem, best go solve a math equation; for those who are still keen, take to heart yet again the words of a real wizard, one John Wooden:

"Things turn out best for those who make best of how things turn out."

Shades Of...  

Indeed, men on a mission.  Holy Grails, electoral ballot boxes, whatever.. 

You?  What is your mission for your golf, anyway?  Have you 'put it out' to the universe?  Your goals (not to be confused with expectations)?  Your intentions? If so, what in the name of George Washington (he sported long hair before this motley crew ever did, FYI) is holding you up?  

In need of some guidance & direction?  I'm here for you - yet please understand - improving will take a commitment of time, energy and resources.  Ain't no angry (anger, BTW, can be a very useful emotion in the golf park, when channeled effectively..) storming into better golf with 2-minute flurries of YouTube swing tips, sorry. 

Click below for specifics on my remote and in-person coaching. 

Shades Of...

STOP!!! The keeper of the Bridge of Death, and our self-appointed keeper of Nancy Pelosi's desk, pictured above.  Both feeling confident, sure and in charge in their respective positions - but how situations can so rapidly change - on and off the golf course. 

How best to cope with the inevitability of anything & everything + the constant flux that is our existence? The bridgekeeper, of course, asks three questions (click on the bearded old man from scene 24 to refresh your memory of this legendary clip) to each traveler who wishes to cross his domain; so, fellow wanderers of the links - answer me these questions three if it is better golf performance you seek...

1. What is your name?  Yeah, you know, what people 'call' you - and more importantly - who you become (your varied & different parts of self/personalities/mini me's) at different times on the golf course depending on situations, conditions and outcomes.  Easy question?  Not at all; but isn't it time for you to better 'know thyself?' Those "other you's" can be useful, and you are responsible for conjuring them up at the appropriate moments. 

2.  What is your quest?  We discussed this earlier in the missive, n'est-ce pas? Be certain to have specific goals, wants and intentions - nothing wishy-washy, lazy/vague/boots up on the desk genre, or "maybe this, maybe that" sort of ambiguities.  Hesitation, doubt and non-commitment are killer when you reach imposing impasses on the course. And ditch the 'try,' embrace the do.  King Arthur and his troubadors are intent on crossing the bridge, as opposed to trying to cross the bridge...

3. What is your favorite color? AHA!  You were preparing for the unexpected here - good progress boys & girls :). Your favorite color is no different (shades of...) your favorite mistake with the flight velocity and direction of your ball, and your swing and behavioral patterns.  This is crucial in deciphering the cause & effect components for more eventual compliancy in your golf ball's (and your) behavior. 

And what if... you learned to embrace and play with your idiosyncrasies, instead of incessantly trying (there's that word again) to fix or fiddle with them - and in turn blowing things up left and right (to impress, and look better?), a la the one some call........................... Tim? 

Click on the two images farthest north on your screen of the originals from Monty Python NOW to watch this wonderfully poignant, powerful, and oh so silly (like the games of golf, and life, really). 


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If you find any solace or motivation from my ongoing labor or love, or if on occasion a message has managed to put a smile on your face, a tear in your eye, inspirited you take a step back and reconsider all for a moment - or even peeved you into positive action - please do consider supporting it with a donation.  Should you already donate, I THANK YOU.

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“This physical world has no two things alike.
Every comparison is awkwardly rough.

You can put a lion next to a man,
but the placing is hazardous to both.”

     - - Rumi

          ~ CS ~
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