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Wings & Prayers

Is that how you plan and prepare each and every shot on the golf course (and even in practice)?  Winging it.  Hoping.  Praying that your golf ball ends up where you want it?  I understand.  But there ain't no faith healing on the links, children, so YOU, and YOU alone need to have the courage to put out there what you want, what you desire, what your intention is.  

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, had some intention - not just in her voice and words - but in her life's calling.  What say you? About your purpose on the links, and the daily walk of life? 

I say you click above on the recently passed legendary singer and pianist, then meander on back my way for some ideas on how those lyrics can help you in the games of golf, and life.  Listen to her perform a piece originally written for Dionne Warwick by Burt Bacharach and Hal David in the mid-60's.  A version that Franklin bettered - just like you can better yourself as a golfer, and human being.

"Better Your Best" is the program Dr. Debbie Crews presents to players  who are looking to get to the next level.  No one better in the biz IMO when it comes to mental training, toughness and & performance.  We were fortunate to have her at Eugene Country Club last week; a few of her simple, yet powerful, takeaways, to follow.  Read 'em and don't weep; rather, ask for - and go after - what you want!

Aretha Franklin

"The moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup (makeup)
I say a little (prayer for you)"

What 'makeup' you putting on today?  You know - who are you going to be when you show up to the golf park, and for each shot?  You posing?  Pretending?  Putting on that (less than) brilliant disguise?  The ball - and universe, for that matter - will know.  It always does..

Instead, how about being authentic, the one in charge, and having the courage to pursue that richly imagined future - your score.  That's right, it's OK - in fact paramount - to put that goal (and add a back end - hence, a range) out there.  The alternative?  'Say a little prayer' that all will go well.  That your golf ball will just magically behave.  That everything will fall into place. 

Question: you wanna be in control, or in charge?  The New Yorker funny below reveals the answer for higher performance...

Indeed.  But an illusion that control thing; if you only knew.  However, you are in charge of where you put your attention, and intention.

Too "woo woo" for you?  Sound like CS has been hugging too many trees and frequenting the ganja shops of Eugene? I understand - but no such reality.  Here's the brain/neuroscience, boys & girls:

The brain must prioritize.  The mind/body system is designed to chase, or want, something.  And, it doesn't like long, drawn-out novels - but rather concise, precise, and to the point objectives. Examples:

- Fairway
- Green
- Hole

Dr. Debbie Crews

- Use your emotions rather than trying to manage them.  Think everyone is supposed to walk around in a neutral, flat affect-type manner to play their best?  Think again... Those emotions can be brilliant sources of energy, when channeled appropriately.

- "Have to.  Need to.  Should."  That's the language of expectations (as opposed to goals).  Expectations lead to frustration, disappointment and even despair - wrought with emotions that take your precious energy. 

- "Try" and "Just."  That's the language of Monsieur or Madame 'no confidence.'  Ditch the 'just' and do it.

Lots of personalities - yep, you've got a handful dwelling within you, at all times - can perform successfully on the links.  But not the nice guy, sorry.  Leave the kind, generous and compassionate part-of-self in the parking lot; he or she is not going to help you on the links.  Bring on the entity below when it's time to shoot a score...

And of course, if you want a change of rhythm and beat from Aretha - you know every round of golf is an adventure, right? - click above for a blast from avid golfer Alice Cooper. 

Need additional guidance in any, and all, that pertains to your golf?  I'm here for you.

"It is well to fly towards the light, even where there may be some fluttering and bruising of wings against windowpanes, is it not?"

-- Elizabeth Barrett Browning


          ~ CS ~
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