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Child of Vision


Wastes: on the links, in the classroom, or in your life.  Of your precious time.  Of your precious resources.  Of your oh-so precious spirit.  Ever wonder if how you're being 'educated' to improve your golf - the methods, modalities and myths - are really helping?  I do; all the time (it's why I created Train2Trust).

George Mason Professor of Economics Bryan Caplan has been wondering the same thing about a college education.  His new book, "The Case Against Education" (click above to find) 
draws on the latest social science to show how the labor market values grades over knowledge.  Like valuing Doppler radar #'s over the ability to acknowledge, adapt and adjust, in a round of golf.  And why the more education your rivals have, the more you need to impress employers.  Similar to the race to the bottom of "I have more techy toys (and more accurate ones) than you."  Impressed? Many are; but are those devices actually helping you shoot lower scores, an/or enjoy the game more?

Caplan explains why graduation is our society's top conformity signal, and why even the most useless degrees can certify employability.  Useless: like so many golf-related stats, 'musts' and misunderstandings.  No better example than he who donned the green jacket on Sunday, one Patrick Reed:

- Misunderstood?  Maybe.  Or not.  Suffice to say that perhaps never before in the history of this iconic event had so many people rooted against one player. 

- The 'must?'  Oh, did you not get the memo?  It's called golf, not 'popularity contest,' and lowest score wins.  Period.  Patrick Reed: 273; everyone else: more.

- Stats?  Word around the pre-Augusta campfire was that Reed didn't drive the ball well enough to win.  Well, looks like the 'helicopter finish' he and coach Kevin Kirk concocted to tame Reed's sometimes overly zealous right-to-left ball flight with the driver worked pretty well. 

Think my cronies at Nike Golf only design pieces that look good on Adonis and his brethren?  Think again - and take a look at the springtime offerings by clicking on the 2018 Masters Champion above.

Child of Vision

Professor Caplan argues that the primary function of education is not to enhance students' skill but to certify their intelligence, work ethic, and conformity―in other words, to signal the qualities of a good employee. 

Enhancing your skills - as a golfer, and as a human being.  What a concept.  Well, are you?   Are your mentors and guides facilitating the process, or just posing, like our orange juice toting waitress above? Preachers in teachers' clothing? You burning time and energy trying to conform, fit in, abide by the "shoulds" - on the links and in society?  Tempting your ego with thoughts of lower scores, fattening your wallet with dreams of a higher salary?  I understand.

Not sure if songwriters Richard Davies & Roger Hodgson of Supertramp fame do, however.  They pose some poignant questions amongst the lyrics in their classic tune, Child of Vision, from the 1980 Grammy winning album, Breakfast in America. 

Isn't it time your inner child took a closer look at the choices you are making? Over breakfast, lunch, dinner - whatever.  Carve out ("if not now, when?") a 6+ minute slice of your busy bee day, click on pic above, turn volume to high, close your strained peepers, and LISTEN.

Come back my way should the spirit then move you, for some ideas on how those words can help you in the games we play, in the golf park, and everywhere else...

"Well, who do you think you're foolin'?
You say you're havin' fun,
But you're busy going nowhere,
Just lying in the sun"

Fooling peeps with your fancy degree, title, or the like?  Or by adopting the swing method "du jour" (did you bother to consider it may not work for you, specifically how your body moves?)?  

Are you having fun - or is it just a grind so you can boast about your index or income?  Actually, having fun might lead to more 'success,' recent evidence-based findings are showing us.  You see: happiness and contentment precede success, not vice versa.

And all your busy-ness; where is it leading you? Nowhere?

"You tried to be a hero,
Commit the perfect crime
But the dollar got you dancing
And you're running out of time"

The 'perfect' crime - on the links (you know what I mean...) or in the daily grind.  Leveraging any and all to reach that next rung on the corporate ladder?  Think you can't dance?  Think again: "the dollar got you dancing," hasn't it now? 

And you are running of time... people are figuring out your phony smile and schemes designed to benefit only you.  Or being stuck in swing and/or thought patterns that don't actually work, 'cause you just can't give up being fair to be good, or good to be great.

"You're poisoning your body
You're poisoning your mind"


"I've heard it all before
You're saying nothing new
I thought I saw a rainbow

But I guess it wasn't true"
The rainbow?  Oh, you thought ground reaction force, swing vectors and the tilt axis of the golf ball were 'new?'  Masters co-founder and Grand Slam winner Bobby Jones (above) knew all those things.  He measured them with a piece of 'equipment' far superior to anything currently possess, BTW: the human mind/body/instinct system. 

And here's the real pot 'o gold at the end of the rainbow, boys and girls - it's available to YOU, right now!  Learn to pay attention to the sounds, feels (and emotions) and sights whilst you are swinging the stick and wandering in the golf park.  Oh, it is true - you've just been desensitized by all the blue-lit screens and wanna-be teachers using sophisticated lingo. 

Forever in an Instant: Napa Speedgolf Challenge

What if your transcendent mind/body system suddenly failed you?  You know - you just took for granted it would always be there for you, in perfect working order then - KABOOM, like the ghosts of Augusta National reaching out to send your golf ball elsewhere - it suddenly stumbled into disrepair? 

Consider longtime friend Tim Scott's story:

"As we all know, life can be forever altered in an instant. This happened to me on April 19th, 2012 when I was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer called ocular melanoma. After a few weeks of shock, uncertainty, and treatment (lost roughly 75% vision in right eye) life slowly crept back to normal. A new normal, but normal. On December 1st, 2015, life was again rudely jolted with a diagnosis of a rare type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After a month of opiate heavy pain management and four months of intensive chemotherapy life very slowly returned to normal. Again, a new normal, but normal. I am happy to say that I am nearing two years of being free and clear of any cancer and hope and intend to stay that way for a long time! "

Tim is once again staging an event to find successful alternatives to chemo and their devastating side effects on the immune system and body.

"My goal this year is to play six rounds and average 135 per round. In 2015, I played 144 holes and in 2016 I played four holes…pretty much collapsing at the end both times. 2016 was ten days after finishing six rounds of chemo giving you an idea just how devastating the effects are. I literally could barely manage to walk four holes and was ripping my six iron about 100 yards full throttle!"
All proceeds from the event go to Dr. Joe Tuscano (Tim's oncologist) at UC Davis and his research team in the pursuit of non-toxic alternatives in the treatment of lymphoma. They have made some great strides in the past few years with different natural products, including wheat germ, in treating lymphoma.

Here is the link to donate to the fundraiser



In search of some guidance to better navigate the links - find a different vision when you step to the 1st tee?  I can help.  Available at Eugene Country Club (below), or a golf park near you.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight with no vision”
--  Helen Keller



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