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Just OK?

You undoubtedly know the tongue-in-cheek advertisement (funny, right?) -  but are you suffering the same scenario with your golf 'doctor' (teacher/coach/supposed guide) on the lesson tee, or blue-lit screen?  Just an 'OK' experience?  Just 'OK' care, energy, and quality of attention? Just 'OK' at communicating, helping, and nurturing your own personal learning model? Not so funny, eh?

Guess what, amigos?  It's NOT OK...

Click above for a refresher from our good "not officially" reinstated Dr. Francis, nurse and victim - uh.... I mean patient, spouse and kids - then swing back to my ward for some ideas and insight on how this 30 second blast relates to what might very well be happening in your quest to better health (lower scores, more enjoyment, et al) on the links, and daily sidewalks - and how to remedy the situation...

"Nervous?  Yeah... Me too"

Of course you're nervous - you're 'golf sick' - hitting it like a pig (that's why you're there for a lesson in the first place, right?) - and now you've got some potentially smartly clad, smooth-talking instructor - perhaps more worried about his or her SM presence, vibe and # of views, than your golf woes - there to critique you. 

If that individual sounds bored to death (hitting the sodium pentathol cabinet again?), chooses not to even look you in the eye (ah.. the glorious Interwebs are full of such characters) and is nervous him or herself - get out.   Immediately, for your own well-being.  Somewhere that supposed pedagogue, guide and supporter would rather be?  I understand, and so do you, immediately..

Instead, why not seek out a "golf doctor" who:

- Truly cares.  Not primarily about his/her ego, bank account and costume - but about you as a wanderer of the links, chaser of the nugget, and seeker of improvement & truth.

- Listens.  A lost art, yet so much of why you come for assistance in the first place.  Beware of chronic 'interrupter' types, those who wish to spew their preferences, without listening to your words and responding to your needs.  It's your lesson (and hard-earned $) after all, n'est-ce pas?

Creates a quality environment, conducive for learning.  Not some Helter-Skelter, time-crunched situation and venue, full of distractions, where you feel more stressed & anxious (see bedridden, soon-to-be-in-surgery chap below) than when you're on the first tee box with OB left and water right...

"Don't worry about it, we'll figure it out"

Really?  'Figure it out?'  When, and how?  Figuring it out has to do with finding the cause of your golfy malaises - as opposed to putting a model or method-based bandaid on your slice, hook, top, chunk (or whatever) ouchy.  Can we STOP already with the palliative care model in golf and wellness?

So, where to look, initially?  How about well before the golf motion begins...

- Mindset.  Have you put your intention out there?  To the ball?  To the universe?  To what you want (as opposed to what you don't want, or where don't want your ball to end up)?  YOU are in charge, boys & girls - not the golf ball.  Has your golf guide made that clear, or just asked you to 'try your best?' And, just who do you want to 'be' in hitting the shot?  Hesitant, doubtful and uncertain Dr. Francis - or a person within you (you too have superpowers) who gets things done?  Your choice..

- Focus of attention.  Not necessarily what you are thinking, but how you are thinking.  Here's your daily dose of truth serum, boys and girls: thought precedes action.  Is your mind/body system in a state of receiving (feel based) or sending (thoughts) information?  Pay attention and look for a feel - something the devices, instruments and tech do not possess - a picture, even a desirable sound.  Let that be your swing cue.

- The oh-so unsexy set up/address position.  Grip.  Posture.  Balance.  Alignment and aim.  Ball position.  You think yours is 'OK?'  "Just OK?"  When your golf ball begins to misbehave, more often than not the initial bug is in your preparation, planning and start position.  But you can't see yourself, can you now - so how would you know? 

* Feedback.  From a competent observer, or that camera dwelling in your dumbphone.

* Know thyself.  One of the jobs of an effective 'golf doctor' (your teacher) is to help you understand your tendencies, your traits - your favorite mistakes.  In a nutshell: to empower you to self coach.  Is that happening with your guide - or have you become entirely dependent on the 'swing medications' your teacher has been doling out - and thoroughly lost when flying solo (in the golf park, playing the actual game)?

* Watch your golf ball, it never lies... Others may deceive you and your feel may be misleading, but the path & flight of the golf remains truthful.. Here, once again, if you are aware of your 'trends' you can address your needs and issues accordingly.  

Better than 'Just OK'

Don't your 'dogs' deserve it in your wandering of the links, and elsewhere?  I think so.  Click above for the latest & greatest from my brethren at Nike Golf; beyond 'Just OK...'


Has your golf learning experience been "Just OK?"  Inattentive (and incompetent, heaven forbid..) or unavailable teacher/coach?  The work you have been doing not transferring to the golf course (those perfect lies, plug & play toys, and zero consequence practice sessions don't quite cut it on an actual golf playing field, do they now?)? Ready to 'figure it out,' finally? 

I'm here for you - either live at ECC - or from afar... Virtual coaching available now for a select few: regular video and stat review.  The development of an ideal practice regime for you, and your schedule.  Guidance and referral in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body.  A consistent, competent and on-going feedback loop.

Interested?  Shoot me a note.

"Only the mediocre are always at their best"

-- Jean Giraudoux



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