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YOUR Dirty Work

You know the routine by now (kinda like your pre-shot routine - not someone else's...): Click above on the classic offering from Steely Dan, then head back thissa way for some insight on how the lyrics within may help you navigate the ever-ongoing (aren't we fortunate to be vertical, breathing, and alive?  Remember that next time you hit a loose one on the links) challenges in the games of golf, and life...

"Times are hard
You're afraid to pay the fee
So you find yourself somebody
Who can do the job for free"

Oh, poor little YOU.  Lost your job - or too many golf balls in your last round?  I understand.  But people don't get fired  - they conduct themselves in ways (abuse of resources, swag & privileges) that force their dismissal.  Translation: lack of accountability. 

And those lost nuggets?  What do you expect?  Have you been practicing the right things, the right way (hint: take a dose of Train2Trust, ASAP)? Perhaps you too have drunk the current trendy cool-aide, and are aping someone else's motions & behaviors, trying to fit into an average or optimal zone, or maybe just not spending any time at all, thinking that you can order up a new pattern - motor/physical, behavioral or emotional - as fast as Jimmy Johns can get a sandwich in your face? 

You're afraid to pay the fee, huh?  To evolve as a golfer and human - and even those green fees (using your poser charm and pretender social status for some gratis rounds of golf?).  So many deserving golfers out there who can neither afford competent instruction nor rounds of golf - yet we've got leveraging cry-babies out there teeing it at hoity-toity Hollywoodesque CC's, without a dime leaving their pockets...

Here's your mid-May dose of reality, boys and girls:

People in your circle (and outside, as well) know things; the word is OUT.  And, hard work, in becoming a better golfer and denizen of this planet, is... well... hard.  You wanna legit model for yourself that goes beyond somebody that plays golf for a living?  See below.

One can only imagine how dirty Mother Teresa's work was.  And satisfying.  And gratifying.  And meaningful. 

Question (that could surely destroy my bill-paying biz): other than you (and your ego), how does you improving your golf benefit others - especially those in need? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Send CS your answers, I'd be forever indebted.

"Like the castle in its corner
In a medieval game
I foresee terrible trouble
And I stay here just the same"

Golf circa 2018 remains a medieval game - it's just all the nouveau scientists, counters and measurers that coax you into believing otherwise...  It's about getting the ball from Point A, to Point B, in the fewest # of swipes possible - isn't it now?  The blokes up top new that (look who's second from the left - before he was 'Old...'). 

Yet I too foresee terrible trouble if we stay here just the same - on this path of confusion and conflict that pervades current instruction trends.  'Knowledge drops' left and right - most of the info taken from remarkably inaccurate devices (but those selling said devices would never tell you that, would they now?), that rely on projections (see: 2016 Presidential Election), predictions and probabilities. 

And such a pity, for the human mind/body/spirit system is so incredibly adept, skilled and savvy in moving effectively and efficiently, assessing, adjusting and adapting, and solving problems & puzzles (that's what the game of golf truly is, after all, n'est-ce pas?). 

Alas, appears we've chosen - yes, it's your choice too, friends - to turn off, mute, and cast off our talents into that castle in its corner (the one that sets below overlooks the surreal links of Cruden Bay, Scotland, BTW). 



Golf swing, specifically, is learned primarily implicitly, meaning, in a way that is very difficult to explain how you learned the movement (like riding a bike).  However, our nutty-professor-like 'golf accountants' prefer to bury you with loads 'o (supposedly) detailed information.

Honing the golf swing is about motor control and learning through experience, not kinematic or positional analysis. Guess who knew that?  Yep, Tom Morris and his motley crew.


And guess what a phenomenal way is to hone those experiences, increase feel & awareness, and learn in a fashion where you don't have to explain how you did it?  By using the VIMA Rev stroboscopic glasses.  They actually reduce the amount of visual coming in, helping your system get in touch with elements that are vital for learning.  Two syllables to describe these shades: BRI-LLIANT.

Click above for the details - contact me for a pair at a preferred price.

I'm here to help in whatever capacity.  If I can't help, I'll send you in the direction of someone that can; deal?

"If hard work is the key to success, most people would rather pick the lock"

-- Claude McDonald



          ~ CS ~
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