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The Professor of Competitive Response

That's how iconic University of Oregon track & field coach Bill Bowerman - one of the original "life coaches" - preferred to be 'tagged.'  Seems every smarty pants with a Doppler radar, Tour average data (you are neither playing on the PGA Tour, nor average) and some thingy that supposedly measures your interaction with the ground via your feet (hmm.. wonder if Bowerman understood anything about feet, and footwear - and how they influenced performance...?) announces them-self as a 'coache' in 2018, with little or ammunition. 

I'd give the cartilage in my old hip to see those individuals face to face with the steely eyes of one Bill Bowerman...

"He was preparing you not just for the race on Saturday, he was preparing you for life. He had been a major in World War II. He had seen action. He had fired at the enemy. He looked at competition and the ultimate competition and he was determined to get his young men ready for competition, not just on the track but everyplace," said former student and eventual partner in the sneaker biz, Phil Knight. 

A Lesson in Competitive Golf

The Professor would have been proud watching the swoosh-clad duo above go toe-to-toe like a couple of warriors on the links at Torrey Pines, Sunday eve and this AM (click above if you'd like some ideas on what to sport on your back, head and feet for the upcoming season). 

You working on getting all your #'s optimized (optimal is not always better in this game of improving the quality of your miss-hits, boys and girls), your putting stroke on that perfect arc (only the Gods and Goddesses are perfect) or copying the latest and greatest swing method with the most posts on Insta (why would any two humanoids swing the same way)?  I understand. 

Maybe you need some guidance in the crucial skill of how to compete (like the little fellow from Coos Bay, above with the Professor)...

You take a look into the eyes  of Noren and Day during that scintillating playoff?  I did.  Here's what I noticed:

* Focused and energized - like wild animals stalking their prey.  'Relaxed?'  Anything but...

* Aggressive, yet intelligent strategists.  Listening to that little voice - your gut, your intuition, your instinct - that knows what to do, when to do it, and why.  Your conscious mind has NO experience, it's never done anything before - but pretends to be as savvy as the aforementioned 'coaches...' 

Even Noren's shot into the drink on 18 earlier today: Bravo!  Yeah, it didn't turn out quite as he planned, yet it was still the right play, IMHO.   As opposed to the demonstration of temporary confusional insanity by J. B. Holmes from the 18th fairway Sunday late PM.  Pitiful.  #JustHitIt.

Having fun!  You think being all serious, stoic and business-like is going to help you?  I disagree... last I checked golf is a game (even at the highest level), and you will perform better if you are enjoying the challenge, the camaraderie, the walk.  And heaven forbid you actually learn something, right?

Said Noren post-playoff:  "It was fun, I learned a lot."

CS Escape in So Cal

They'll be fun, learning - and more -  at Pauma Valley Country Club (just due East of Torry Pines), February 22-25, 2018 for this golf + yoga (rock star teacher Ali Matt, below) + rest (see Bowerman quote at bottom, por favor) gathering.  We've got a couple spots still available, click on pic just above from Pauma's clubhouse for details.  And, we've added some options for those of you who may not be able to come for the entire stay.  1 day, 2 days, yoga only...

In need of some guidance on how you can become a better, happier, and more effective golfer (and competitor) on the links?  I can help; on site at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club for another few weeks, then at Eugene Country Club thereafter.

Here's a tidbit to get started on the process:

- STOP putting your precious energy and attention towards those things you cannot control - or better yet - embrace them!  Like the people around you (Noren's idiotic hecklers).  The weather (nearly pitch black when Day and Noren finished last night - and the Aussie was ready to keep playing!).  Instead, channel your mojo into what you can control: your reactions, your responses, your emotions.

“Take a primitive organism, say a freshman. Make it lift, or jump or run. Let it rest. What happens? A little miracle. It gets a little better. It gets a little stronger or faster or more enduring. That’s all training is. Stress. Recover. Improve. You’d think any damn fool could do it. But you don’t. You work too hard and rest too little and get hurt.”

-- Bill Bowerman


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