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"Bang Bang"

How does that title grab you, anyway, after last week's 'episode' in South Florida?  Learnings for us all, on the links and on the daily sidewalks, to follow.

But first, click on Mademoiselle Sinatra just above, and tune into this coolio live performance of the song.  Whilst listening, do me - and all other living beings on this planet- a big favor, s'il vous plaît: send some compassionate-filled thoughts (your energy, people - the same type you need to put out there in your pre-shot routine about what you want) to those most damaged by the events.

"Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down"

Indeed.  When is enough enough?  Same is true of your golf game: when are you going to stop doing the same old thing (patterns, motions and behaviors that don't work), address the cause, and evolve & progress?  And when is this country going to address the causes of these inexcusable tragedies, and take action that will make a difference?

Clang Clang

That's the sound of your wake-up call, people, for these travesties and the little disturbances in your golf game.  Understand that before the trigger is pulled on a gun, or in a golf swing, a handful of factors must be 'in order' (or disorder) for a successful mission (getting your golf ball from Point A, to Point B in the golfic realm) to be carried out. 

There are only a few things - commonalities - that all these massacres have in common.  Here's one:

1. Access to arms.  They're just too easy to procure, aren't they?  Funny (but not really) how countries that have much stricter gun laws don't have these sorts of catastrophic slayings, huh?  If building efficient and effective golf swings & minds was as easy as buying an automatic rifle, most of the golfing population would be shooting regularly in the 50's.

And here's one of the causes - everything happens for a reason, did you not get that memo? - of stagnation with your golf:

1.  Your equipment isn't 'in order.'  The crooked sticks living in your bag, and the 'shell' that we call our body. 

Clang Clang

You can remedy that with some proper guidance in those realms.  What are you waiting for - another bloodbath on the golf course? Send me a note for some referral options. 

"Music played and people sang
Just for me the church bells rang"

And for some, there is different music playing, and church bells ringing ALL THE TIME.  Kinda like you when you hit a few loose ones on the course, get into a rut - and turn into someone who doesn't perform so well.  A veritable lunatic, of sorts.

2.  Mental Illness.  Hahaha.  But again, it's not funny.  Nor is there any humor in the fact that we spend millions and beyond treating so many other diseases, yet continually turn our backs on those who are brutally sick in the mind (like Jack Nicholson and his buddies in the classic flick, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next," above).  Why?  Just turn our back on these individuals?  How's that work for a deficiency in your game (or other aspects of your life)?  Ignore the problem/challenge, and just hope it disappears? 

"Ain't no faith healing in helping the mentally ill, or ridding yourself of a glitch in your game."

Clang Clang

2.  Your head.  Perhaps you acknowledge that the "mental aspect" of performing at a higher level of this game is vital - yet what are you legitimately doing about it?  Reading, listening or watching some (near free-of-charge) wanna-be expert's take on 'mental toughness,' 'staying in the present,' and 'getting out of your own way?'  How's that working?  If it is working, by all means, keep it up!  If it's not - time to take action, denizens of planet Earth...

Many of these self-appointed mental gurus are as credible as the "doctors" surrounding Randall Patrick McMurphy, above.  Take less than a minute out of your precious existence, click on that image, catch yourself the debut of the vintage fishing boat scene - and you'll get the picture... 

Once again, said smarty-pants are not addressing the cause of your potential demons on the links; rather they are placing temporary band-aids on you, that, of course, will fall off.  The issues and elixirs are far beyond the conscious surface - why don't you take a pole & some bait - and launch off into the deep waters to get to know them...???

"Ask not what disease the person has
but rather what person the disease has"

-- Dr. Oliver Sacks

So... what to do that will help, you are asking?  Voilà two fantabulously bona fide options:

Clang Clang

Creating new, more effective and functional thought patterns:

Finding your own personal flow state:

On The Horizon 1 Day Golf School with Yoga

Clang Clang

Your chance to taste the benefits of yoga before and after a round of golf, in addition to some warm-up and 'how best to practice' wisdom from yours truly, this coming Saturday!  Sorry, no chanting, incense-burning or consequence-less ball whacking for these sessions - but rather evidence-based science + experience behind optimizing pre round warm-up and post round practice - in addition to yoga pieces designed to enhance mind and body.   

Come join us at Ghost Creek on February 24.  CS on the golf side, rock star teacher Ali Matt (click on Ali's image below for more on her) on the yoga side.

Details & Agenda

- Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018, Ghost Creek at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club

- 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM: Body & Mind yoga warm up, pre-round with Ali

- 10:00 AM-10:30 AM: Golf warm up with CS

- 10:30 AM-10:45 AM: Tee it up at Ghost Creek, CS in your group for 9 holes (at the very least)

- 3:30 PM-ish: Snack/Lunch and debrief

- 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Train2Trust Guided Practice lead by CS

- 5:15 PM - 6:00 PM: Restorative yoga with Ali

- $250 per person
($200 for Witch Hollow Members)

Shoot me a note on for more info.

Need some guidance in any (and all) aspects of your golf?  I'm here.  Pumpkin Ridge 'til the end of the month then -

Clang Clang

- onto my new home at Eugene Country Club. 


“Your heart is the browser.

The pathways are the search engine.

The universe is the real internet

And there are many addresses to the beloved,

Whose server is always on-line."


-- The Sufi Book of Life


          ~ CS ~
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