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Like the one we often make at the first of the calendar year - full of goals, aspirations and even desires.  Well, we are t-plus approx six weeks from the commencement of 2021, how ya doing with yours?

Trust you had some golf-themed intentions on that list; have you taken the necessary steps, in the ideal direction for you (not some superhuman Tour player), and made a commitment to improvement? Or, alas, have you bought into (and your time is so very precious and valuable..) some Intraweb-based quick fix dish, sprinkled with pixie dust, with a side of pseudo-science? 

I understand - it's so tempting, and easy.  Here's a quick reminder, something that doesn't shift with the pages of any calendar: expect anything worthwhile to take a long time. I'm here for you, and would be happy to devise a road map for your golfing betterment at your convenience.  Click just below for details. 

The list up top penned (have you forgotten the sheer power of handwriting as well, BTW?) by the incomparable Woody Guthrie, at the ripe, tender and wise-enough age of almost 30 (thanks to Maria Popova yet again, and her fab missive Brain Pickings, for bringing this to my - and now your - attention).  Replete with sincerity, candor and wit - and so very much for your golf game.  

Read on fellow wanderers of the links - I promise not to address each and every of the 32 points on Mr. Guthrie's "New Years Rulin's" list (but don't tempt me..;)).  HOWEVER: if you'd like to 'tempt'/propose a favorite tune for me to put into an upcoming CS golf missive centrifuge - bring it!

And, if you make a commitment to peruse just a few of the Mr. Guthrie's listed items - I'll promise a little Woody tune afterwards for your time & energy...

1.  "Work more and better" Especially better, por favor. Alas, I see a lot of 'more, more & more' practicers, yet golfers not getting better... Spending crucial minutes ingraining the wrong things, the wrong way.  Wasteful practice that neither lasts, nor transfers to the golf course; so then, why practice at all? 

Indeed.  'Tis why I created the Train2Trust programs, based in 20+ years of research and information, ideas and concepts gleaned from top neuroscientists, motor learning experts and human performance specialists (plus my own self-guinea pigging in Speedgolf) on how to practice more efficiently, and effectively.  Click below for the some legit "magic..."

3. "Wash teeth if any"  C'mon - that's funny.  And so is this game we play, did you not get the memo..?? Have you lost your sense of humor (for worse than 'losing your swing' - which, BTW, is just your swing reaching a tipping point of no return - mostly because you're without accurate, relevant and consistent feedback) - re the ridiculousnesses of this pastime, and all the random and chaotic things that are completely out of your control? 

Click on Open Champion Francesco Molinari just south of here for a short (very short, and barely air-born) reminder of this reality, courtesy of  Then remember this: he finished T8 at Riviera last week - 68-73-70-67.  How's that for a response to adversity; how's yours?  

8. "Write a song a day"  No can write/do?  OK, how about this for something that will no doubt help your golf (and strolls upon life's daily sidewalks): Sit with yourself for 1-minute/day, or as you progress, more/longer - and visualize/picture/program what you WANT.  Toss in a splash of gratitude + awareness of all you have, while you're at it.   

9. "Wear clean clothes - look good"  You know - sharp, clean, something you feel (emotions & sensory) good in; some ideas below from my peeps at Nike Golf.

What - you were expecting some Adonis-like image of a rock-star Tour player?  Shame on your expectations, yet again. 

14. "Listen to radio a lot" 

Woody knew his stuff... Yet as I council all my heroes, students and players to do: consider the source!

So, consider a similar message, from another source, one Dr. Phil Maffetone. Maff is an internationally recognized researcher, educator, clinician and author in the fields of nutrition, exercise and sports medicine, stress management, and biofeedback.  Then, there's his 'secret life...' 

Click above to learn more, and like Woody listed, listen to the radio (or whatever mod music source you prefer) a lot if you're after some righteous nectar for your mind/body system.

20.  "Dream Good" Dreams are, after all, mini motion pictures floating around in your noggin' while you sleep (did you notice the little drawings to the right of each entry on Woody's list - little pics).  So, when you're awake - especially before each and every swing or stroke you take in the golf park - you must have a picture in your mind of how you want your golf ball to behave, travel, and/or where you want it to end up. No picture/planning or programming, no chance.  Period. 

Think there was any 'awakened-dreamin' going on here pre-shot?  Click above.  Watch, listen, and learn; some things never get old, eh? And stop taking things for granted (like TW playing golf at all), and start committing to a process - you will like the results. 

23. "Have company but don't waste time"  Uh... see #1 above, as far as what your purpose is during your oh-so valuable practice time. You want to socialize on the practice grounds - or get s**t done?  If it's productivity you're after, then focus, concentration and quality all must be present, otherwise, yes - you are wasting your time. 

In between shots on the course, please do enjoy the company and/or park-like offerings. But when it's your turn to play, time to flip on the 'performance switch' for the brief moments before, during, and post motion.

26. "Dance Better"  Have you gotten lost in parts, positions and pieces of the golf swing?  I understand, it's easy to do.  What's happened to rhythm, timing, tempo, and finding your own unique 'harmonic oscillator,' and resonance?

For example (yes, there are forces & fluidity behind each SI cover):

32. "Make up your mind"  Before each, and every shot + where it is you want to go with your golf.  It's called commitment, folks, as opposed to wishy-washy, 'maybe this, maybe that,' and half-assed efforts. Indecision is a true killer (yes, please #33 - wake up and fight - fight against doubt, ambiguity, and fear) on and off the links. 

I made a commitment to you at the beginning of this missive - it was such hard travelin', huh? - so click below for your Woody reward...


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“Perfection is like chasing the horizon. Keep moving.”

     - - Neil Gaiman

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