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Ahead Of His Time: Cousin Eddie

We always knew it, huh - like the little voice in your head (that's the wise part of self sometimes referred to as intuition, gut or the subconscious - the part that urges you to play a certain shot, pick a particular club, or select a specific line & speed on a putt) - that Eddie Johnson, aka "Cousin Eddie" from the iconic Holiday flick Christmas Vacation, above, was a visionary? 

A man of apparent 'simple' tastes who, unlike the masses of over-educated and under-instinctive, foresaw the nastiness of 2020 and all its trimmings, and acted upon his hunches - long before the actual needs arose...

Proof in your post Christmas-time pudding to follow but of course (like what you are following in your quest for better golf, I trust: science and evidence based offerings + experience - or some elf's whim, bias, or preference?), and just how this prophet can help you to better golf (and life?) performance in 2021, and beyond.

Although they may truly pale in comparison to Eddie's vibes of wisdom - I too am available for in-person and remote coaching, in different locales throughout the year.  I'll be spending a good portion of this winter in the Los Cabos, Mexico area, hanging my golf guide sombrero at Puerto Los Cabos; shoot me a note for dates and availability.  And of course, my home base remains upon the venerable fairways Eugene Country Club, throughout the year. Click below for details.

Eddie RV Pudding

With quarantining, distancing and isolation being all the rage due to the 'Rona, the recreational vehicle industry has boomed.  Yet our savior Eddie knew that many moons ago.  Practical.  Functional.  Sensible.  Do those adjectives describe what's being presented to you to help your golf ball better behave?  Or, are you listening to whispers in your ear designed to impress, sell, and boost someone else's ego?  I wonder... 

Looking for some booming drives in the new year? Try this trilogy of practicable solutions:

- Swing faster (back and forth, please).

- Hit your ball in the middle, or slightly high on the toe, of the clubface (consider a proper fitting - as opposed to something shiny & new).

- Launch - think rocket, or airplane - the ball higher (but don't believe me, ask the experts in the field - the long drive mashers; click on Eddie's rig just above to view a few bombers). 

Eddie Fashion Pudding

Wow - just where to begin... From top, to bottom:

- Layering.  Cool and wet weather is a part of winter golf for many; there is nothing better than having layers to shed, when and if.  Eddie prefers the turtleneck + dickey. 

- Appropriate for the occasion.  Golf represents many different things (environments, moments and situations) for many different players.  Clad yourself with what pleases you, no one other. 

- Flat-ass badass.  Nada mas - like Eddie's diving board/pool party get up. #epic ;)

And just where to procure any and all such items?  From my peeps at Nike, and Nike Golf - where else?

Click on the appropriate images above for some ideas.  

Eddie immune system boosting pudding

Eggnog in the classic drinking vessel - but just what is our savior Edward washing down, you may ask?  Washing your hands, masking and now the vaccine are in fact ways to cope with the 'Vid, which has brought chaos to our lives in 2020.  Chaos, BTW, is ever-present in the golf park, have you not noticed..??  I'm sure you have, and perhaps you've coined it "bad luck," or "unfair," and put on your 'why/woe is me' victim outfit.  How's that working for ya, anyway?  

Instead, why not welcome the disarray, the sheer randomness - the pandemonium in the time of pandemic? Acknowledge, accept and prepare yourself for the chaos & chance that are such a big part of this game we love.  Adjust the attitude, then deal with the results (that are, at the end of the day - largely out of your control...).  

And, re boosting the mind, body and spirit and the accompanying immune system - here are a few of CS' favs to consider:

- Cold Therapy (what do you think Eddie's really doing up top in the photo?).  Sounds awful, huh - 'cause as a human you avoid discomfort at all costs.  However, as you know deep down - there's the wise little whisper again - it's the only way to grow, evolve and progress.  Click on Eddie relishing a cool Midwest morning in his near skivvies up top, for but one study on the benefits of the cold to your being.

- Wash down a few of these bad boys daily (below) for an immune system kick in the ass.  Fantastico nectar!!

- 4-7- 8 Relaxing Breathing.  Your nervous system may very well be fried courtesy of the stress, angst and abundance of the 'unknown' that have come front and center in our lives the past 9 months or so.  Worse than having a forced carry from a bad lie over a hazard, eh?  Click upon my man Dr. Andrew Weil, just south, to learn a simple (Eddie's mantra) breathing technique to help calm you in times of anxiety, on and off the links.   



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         “Great people stand out from others by their visions and not much by their intelligence.”

               -- Amit Ray


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