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He was - remember?  The irrepressible Del Griffith that is, from the classic holiday-time flick Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  Aren't we all at times in our walks upon the links, and life's daily sidewalks? No tech to tell you what you did - or didn't do out in the golf park?  Homeless (and perhaps hopeless).  No blue-lit screen in your pocket to keep you abreast of each and every pressing flash of news, data and info?  Homeless; and so not in the here, now, and present moment.

How easy it is to forget how very fortunate we are to play the game of golf - at whatever level, on whatever course, for whatever reason - when there are so many who cannot indulge & engage is this wondrous ballad.  The ones who are legitimately without a home in this country of immense wealth (and you thought your short game was a problem?).

Click above on the late, great John Candy, take six or so minutes out of your oh-so busy life this early December day - 'tis the season -  and catch the final scene.  Then c'mon back my way for some ideas on how what you've seen, heard and felt can help you grow, evolve and improve as a golfer - and fellow human being.

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know

Think: ignoring some shortcoming in your game.

Hoping to 'freeze it out,' (ignore it) and it'll just magically disappear?

Maybe it's time you got to know the issue better.  Understand where it's rooted, the cause, and what it's all about.

Perhaps it's not so scary and insurmountable, after all.

*That weakness, flaw or blemish is there to teach you what you need to know, what you need to learn, what you need to understand - to move forward in your game (and in that life game, as well).


1:50-ish mark in the clip.  Whaa... you didn't take the time, and follow CS' directions?  'Cause you're busy, huh?  I understand.

Are you also so busy mindlessly whacking range ball after range ball, getting those precious reps in, that you forget to take time to think about, reflect upon, and even ponder, just what it is that you're doing?  Your brain and central nervous system are doing the learning, friends - not your muscles - and said entities need time to process, digest and assimilate what's being done. 

So, like Neal Page, above (whose entire world got rocked in a matter of days), take a little pause every 15-20 minutes in your practice, stop doing, and give some thought for a few minutes to your actions.  

Oh, re that 'life train?' Perhaps a time-out needed there as well - some moments to reflect:

- What's important
- What's meaningful
- Who, or what, needs a helping hand

Do The Right Thing

The game of golf remains one of the last bastions of etiquette, consideration, and respect for us all - in a world and culture that's becoming more and more divided, contemptuous, and selfish.  In the grand scheme of things on the links and on life's daily roads, it ain't all about you getting better, you shooting lower scores, or you playing the finest tracks in the land.  Rather, it's about you showing gratitude for all you have, the opportunity and privilege to take part in this pastime, and giving thanks post-Thanksgiving to all those who have lent a helping hand. 

You see, many are not so fortunate. 

"Boy, you are one lucky guy, Neal,"

-- Del Griffith at the 4:30 mark

And so are you, boys and girls.  Here's your first gift from Santa CS - a little Christmastime magic:

Be grateful next time you put the ball on the peg.  Truly grateful.  Say it.  Feel it.  Take an effing look around you, and appreciate how effing lucky you are to be chasing the effing rock around a grassy park.  You will be pleasantly surprised how your ground reaction forces, face/path relationship, and overall level of play, are enhanced. 

Humor The Elixir

And you thought the eggnog was powerful... Amazing what laughter can do to bring us humans together.  Contagious.  Unifying.  Bonding.

When's the last time you had a good chuckle on the golf course?  You all straight-faced & serious?  Non-stop grindola?  Pity... Keep in mind that so much of what happens out there is completely out of your control, akin to the adventures of our bedfellows, above. 

  Example: you stripe a drive, and your ball comes to rest in a funny, awkward, unfair, unfamiliar (the list goes on) lie.  NEWS FLASH: You do not have 100% control over where your ball 'wakes up.'  How do you react (something you do control)?  Complain?  Grumble?  Accept and rejoice?  You get to choose...  Best to conserve that precious mind/body/spirit energy for things you can control: planning (have you practiced hitting shots out of wacky, less-than-perfect lies?  You will in a Train2Trust session), preparation, pre and post-shot routines, to name a few.

Coaching & Guidance

Need some direction on your golf journey? I'm here to help. 

On my home turf at Eugene Country Club, or a golf park near you.



"I am grateful for what I am and have.  My Thanksgiving is perpetual.


-- Henry David Thoreau

          ~ CS ~
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