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Mocks & Jack

Sound like some mixology CS is brewing up on the lesson tee?  Almost...

Tough to find letters on the keyboard to describe what happened last week on the hallowed grounds of "The National" as its known in the Augusta environs, is it not?  So I won't try - but rather let the some pictures and words from another legend do the job for me - and you.  Some thoughts on how what you saw & felt during and post Masters 2019, can help guide you out of any potential black holes in your golf game...

The Mocks

You thought the mock neck polo was dust (or grass) in the wind, huh?  Just like all the Tiger naysayers... where are they hiding now? The classic mocks from my peeps at Nike Golf aren't hiding anywhere - just click on any of the images above and below to procure (some other collar options available, as well).

  Guess in the current-day world of extensive & exhaustive measurement, some forgot that some things simply cannot be measured:  Heart.  Guts.  Will.  Talent.  Resolve.  Where do you stand on the golf course, and in the game of life, in those areas?  Don't be looking at which way the blades of grass are floating - best take a look in the mirror for such answers.

I coincidentally (promise!) wore the same colored mock as TW on Friday as I wandered the grounds of the former Fruitland Nursery, now known as Augusta National Golf Club.

And you can coincidentally show positive emotion next time you hit a great shot.  Seems all us human golfers have been improperly educated, conditioned and programmed to react to the poor, yet quasi ignore and flat-line our beautiful successes.  Pity... you see, memory and emotion are intricately tied together. 

Whatcha want stored in your memory?  The traumatizing whiffs, flails and chunks - or the well-executed, flushed & crushed?  You choose.

Springtime - have you noticed?  Lilacs & lavenders.  Purple-ish hues, everywhere.

Calming colorway, is it not?  And that's exactly how you need to be when things get a little 'steamy' on the links, and daily sidewalks.  Take a look at T-Dub above:  Focused.  Concentrated.  Full of intention.  Relaxed?  Nope, not unless it's bed or nap time.

You?  What happens when things start going south, a bad bounce or break comes your way, and the round isn't proceeding quite as planned?  Fearful?  Anxious?  Pissy?  I understand - but the fellow who put on the green jacket on Sunday afternnon (above) doesn't.

After Woods bogeyed "Flowering Crab Apple" and "Magnolia" (holes #4 & #5) in the final round,
he had a conversation with his caddie, Joe LaCava. “He was saying some things that I can’t really repeat here,” Woods said. Woods’s response: Head to the restroom and continue the tongue-lashing on himself. “Came out,” he said, “and I felt a lot better.”

And began playing better... we all need a few different 'versions' of ourselves during a round of golf, depending on the moment and situation.  Did you know that you too have multiple personalities dwelling within you, at all times?  No woo woo here, folks, just the facts.  I call them 'mini me's,' and you can use those different parts of self when needed.  Sounds like Tiger needed a good stiff kick in the arse to light a (calm, yet effective) fire underneath him. 

Oh, and he demonstrated arguably the most important quality any golfer (or person, for that matter) can possess: patience.  Definition, in case you didn't get the memo:

"The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset."


Yeah, that Jack.  Pictured above draining the iconic putt on "Nandina" (hole #17) in 1986. 

Cool that he came on-air Sunday just after Tiger's win, to offer some insight (a dash of credibility, I'd say) on the day.  Ironically, Woods took a page right out of Nicklaus' major victory recipe book en route to green jacket number 5.  Something we all could cook up on a more regular basis on the links:

Conservative decisions paired with aggressive swings.

In the Golden Bear's words:

 -  "Tiger hit a lot of smart shots, waiting for others to make mistakes."

CS: You?  Who do you think you are out there at times - Tiger Woods and/or Jack Nicklaus?  C'mon, fellow non-legends - best to know your limits, play to your strengths, and control the damage (Tiger made ZERO doubles all week, FYI). 

  -  "I turned it on when they were all filling up the water on 12"

"Golden Bell" (hole #12) strikes again.  Playing partners Francesco Molinari and Tony Finau rinsed it there - as did Brooks Koepka and Ian Poulter a bit earlier.  All with short irons in their hands going after the sucker pin on the right portion of the green.

So, what did he who's now won 15 Majors, proceed to do?  Why, he followed Jack's advice:

“Put it over the center bunker and you’re not going to be bad."

Amen (pun intended). 

CS: You think it's all about shooting at the pin, at all times, especially when you've got a short-ish club in your hands?  Think again - and pay attention to the conditions, and what's transpiring all around you.  Awareness & presence will not only serve you well on the golf course, but in all facets of your existence.

  - "He's (Tiger) got me shaking in my boots." 

CS: Re Woods' rekindled pursuit of Jack's 18 major championships.  One could sense the humor and competitiveness in Nicklaus' voice.  What a wonderful cocktail that would be to sip on throughout a round...  You?  Stern, serious and sucking the air out of the group when you play?  Who (Jack or Tiger?) and where (Augusta National?) do you think you are, anyway?

Lighten up.  Laugh a bit - at yourself and the absurdities of the game.  Enjoy, relish and be grateful for the opportunity to even put the peg in the ground.  Stir those components up, and watch your performance ascend.

Springtime Golf School

Saturday, April 20, 2019

9 AM to 5 PM

Eugene Country Club, Eugene, OR

Tiger 'plodded' his way around Augusta National on Sunday to capture the coveted green jacketWe shall 'plod around' the following, and more, on Saturday:

- How to effectively warm up, and prepare body and mind for a (good) round of golf (takes TW many, many hours to prep - you perhaps a little less time...)
- Functional, effective and pertinent concepts for putting, short game and full swing - for you (not necessarily for your fellow schoolmates).

- Aspects of golf where you are in charge - and things that are out of your control...

The format?  Some structure.  Some randomness.  Some options on how best for you to swing, play, and think.


ECC Members: $400

Non-Members: $450

Juniors: $350

Lunch in the fab ECC clubhouse - plus - in the spirit of the season, all participants shall receive a Nike Golf Polo of their choice.  Mock, or not (click below to view but a few offerings)...

Space still available - please let me know at your earliest convenience!

Coaching & Guidance


Available for individual and small group guidance - at Eugene Country Club, or a golf park near you.



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