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The Bonnie Situation

You recall the scene from Quentin Tarantino's classic flick, Pulp Fiction - don't you now?  We are introduced to Winston Wolf, the fast-thinking, fast-talking and fast-acting (oh, and he drives fast, as well) character who appears to resolve the title of today's missive.

Need a refresher?  Click above on Mr. Wolf, and keep in mind there are a few f-bombs and the like strewn within the dialogue.  Certainly no more offensive than the horrifically vulgar ongoing 'problem' of mass shootings plaguing this nation, for which, apparently, no one has an answer; or, is the ridiculous ease of access to arms (the single factor all these tragic acts have in common) + the idiotic demands of some (backed by the greedy and influential) to "the right to keep & bear arms" answer just staring us all in the face - as "The Wolf" is above with his tasty gourmet coffee in hand?

Wake up and smell your coffee this Sun AM, then come back my way for some ideas on reawakening the genius problem-solver (both on the links, and daily sidewalks) within us all...

"I solve problems"

Proclaims Mr. Wolf's to Jimmie (spouse of Bonnie), upon arriving at his front door.  And so can you, boys & girls, if only given the opportunity - that spark, if you will - by those in your golfing, and life, circles.  Yet too many of these supposed helpers are more interested in spewing knowledge, information and data.  Show-and-telling their newest techy toys.  Hiding their insecurities behind the trendy swing method/model du jour.  

"The best teacher is not the one who knows the most, but the one who is most capable of reducing knowledge to that simple compound of the obvious and wonderful."

Simple.  Obvious.  Wonderful.  It's what Winston Wolf is able to do from a solution standpoint for our dynamic gangster duo above (wanna see what's on their feet? Click on the t-shirt clad twosome...) with the Bonnie Situation.  

What about your designated problem-solver, in and out of the golf park? Empowering you to self-diagnose, self-coach, and better know thyself?  Encouraging you to find answers to the riddles of golf, and golf swing - that fit you - rather than the masses, some average (who out there really wants to be average, anyway?), some optimal? Enabling the 'master-measurer' within you, or addicting you to a plug-and-play, blue-lit device that is pretending (no one likes posers, do they now?) to help you grow, learn and evolve?

So... which is it?  Are you too being rendered a banana slug (or the genre), or are you becoming more Winston Wolf-like:

- Able to assess, acknowledge, adjust - then act - with an intensity of purpose.

- Able to make clear, concise and clever choices.

- Able to help others, not just yourself.



Simple.  Obvious.  Wonderful.  Not a bad way to describe the effects of using of the VIMA Rev stroboscopic glasses.  They help to arouse the incomparable guru within you.  Revive the prodigious problem-solver we all are.  Perhaps even provoke you to rekindle the notion that in helping others, à la Mr. Wolf, you are in fact helping your self.  

Click above for the details - contact me for a pair at a preferred price.

CS available to help you better problem-solve in those links-related challenges.  In my hood at Eugene Country Club, or yours, should you prefer.

"Problem solving is hunting.  It is savage pleasure and we are born to do it "

-- Thomas Harris



          ~ CS ~
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