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Be careful what you ask for...

Re your strolls in the golf park, and upon life's daily sidewalks.  Why so? 'Cause the universe (fellow humans, the energy all around you - and of course - the plug & play devices that are dominating your 2021 life) is listening, boys & girls; time to take note.

If example is indeed the most potent of all things - suffice to state that simply watching good players, their swings and emotional processes can be highly beneficial to performance.  Yeah, yeah, yeah: I know (better than most) how critical proper technique and actual physical movement are to improved motion - but have you - like so many, left the visualization of what you want, the planning & pre-programming, far behind in the process of improving your golf ball's behavior?  

Read, look and listen on for specifics.  And, if you are interested in an all-encompassing approach to better golf, clicky click below...

Shout out to 'sister in crime' JH this fine February day, for bringing the 1968 song written and sung by Tony Joe White, to my (and now your) attention.  JH asked (challenged, dare I say..), I oblige :) Click above to give a listen, c'mon back my way for a clearer understanding of how the words within can guide you to fewer swipes on the links.

"Down in Louisiana, where the alligators grow so mean
Lived a girl, that I swear to the world
Made the alligators look tame"

Vivid images there, n'est-ce pas? Gators.  Meanness.  And a girl that makes them look tame.  Wowza... Unable to put the pieces of that puzzle together for your golf game? I understand; not too fear, it's part of why I'm here...

- When you 'think of' an alligator, what comes into your mind?  A written word commencing in "a," followed by "double ll's," and finishing in "or?"  Doubtful.  So, why before a round or a swing, are you sending such cues/thoughts, when you could be seeing/sensing/receiving:


or even

You can - and it's your choice.   Perhaps you need different gators - images, emotions and parts of self - at different times during a round of golf.  And, such visualization is as powerful, if not more so, than any cognitive cue.

Alas, once again - don't believe me; rather, click on the prehistoric critters above for the legit science & experience behind the voodoo that is visualization for performance.  Some newfangled piece of tech you'll have to purchase?  Nope, you already own it (it's as ancient as the beasts above).  The question is do you have the commitment, belief and discipline to put it into use...

"Her daddy was lazy and no-count, claimed he had a bad back
All her brothers were fit for
Was stealin' watermelons out of my truck patch"

The most famous bad back in golf, about ready to make yet another comeback.  

There exists a fine line in golf practice & training between hitting so many balls that your back + wrists + elbows + the rest of your body goes bad, and the laziness inherent to Polk Salad Annie's daddy. 

Where are you at? When you do practice, are you ingraining the motion you want to create (normally best done via non-whacking-golf ball drills, exaggerating opposite pattern movements, slow motion/eyes closed rehearsals, visualizing/mentally programming the desired swing, and making the mind & body work in order to learn and improve), or are you attempting to modify the swing by hitting nugget after nugget (ouch) with a full swing, at full speed (ouch again).

How's that working for you, anyway?

Indeed, might serve you better to go steal some watermelons, since a large majority of practice is simply not fruitful..  Meaning: said ineffective practice neither lasts, nor transfers into the golf park.  How's that for an example of wasted time? 

In search of a better way?  Click below; in search of a new look on the links this Spring?  Click on a brought-to-his-knees TW just above, for some offerings from my brethren and Nike Golf. 

"Everyday before supper time, she'd go down by the truck patch
And pick her a mess of polk salad, and carry it home in a tow sack
Carry it home and cook it for supper
Because that's about all they had to eat
But they did all right"

Polk salad, bats, whatever - one can't complain when one is hungry (or poor) - as are so many on this planet.  Taking things home and "cooking them for supper."  And you're pissy 'cause you can't get the tee time you wanted?  'Cause the weather isn't quite perfect?  'Cause you're golf swing is 'inconsistent' (consistency is a myth, people - even for the best in the world; learn to consistently acknowledge, adjust and adapt, and you'll like the results)?

Put this in your tow sack - aka your golf bag - each and every time you step on the 1st tee: you are the fortunate and blessed one.  You are doing all right, aren't you now?  Perhaps you're in need a reminder about what it's like to live with less?  Click on our winged friend above for your mid-week dose of reality.

Ah... the fascinating little creature pictured above.  Egads - these 'flying rats' have gotten a bad rap since the Vid shifted our compass a year or so ago - many would just as soon see them disappear (like all your fears on the links).  

Yet as today's title suggests: Be careful what you ask for, on and off the golf course... 

 Bats eat bugs - lots of bugs - thankfully.  Otherwise, our ecosystem would be overrun (more than it already is) and totally out of sorts.  Something 'bugging' you during a round?  Instead of condemning, ignoring or fleeing from 'it' ('it,' BTW, is always outside of you, yet your 'inside' is running the show), why not just notice it (awareness, please), then address accordingly.  

 1 brown bat devours 1,000 mosquitoes (the real bogey-trains...) in an hour.  That, amigos y amigas, is efficiency at its finest.  Take that to the practice grounds next time.

 Ah... the disease issue, you ask... Only about 1% carry the dreaded rabies virus, FYI.  And today's ever-trendy 'Rona?  Many of these flying mammals (the only ones in the world) actually carry/have Covid-19; however, thanks to a remarkable & robust immune system, bats are neither ill, nor particularly effected by it. 

Preventative tactics - what a concept, eh?  Are you planning & programming your mind & body each and every day for the challenges you shall encounter?  Or waiting for a 'quick tip' (can you say "vaccine?") to make everything better? 


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“Be careful what you wish for. You never know who will be listening.”

     - - Terry Pratchett

          ~ CS ~
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