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Time To Want More?

Legit question, young man.. The classic cartoon above from our friends at The New Yorker, of course.

Have you taken the time to ask yourself the same?  Re your golf, and presence on the planet? If so - just what is it you want, and why?  What intention (is it a craving?) does it serve, your 'more?'

More money?  More recognition?  More ego caressing?

Perhaps it's the "G" word: growth.  I understand.  We speak often about the "growth of the game" amongst my brethren in the linksland.  Or how about 'growing your brand?' But growth for what sake, what purpose, what reason?

Like with your thought, behavior and attitude patterns on the golf course (and all those 'wants' in that other game we are all playing - life) we must be careful of what we ask for.  A little post-yule reminder from my man Edward Abbey (hey - yet another dude with coolio hat, beard and twinkle in his eyes...) to activate that wise part of self, who's able to take a step back from the fray of ribbons and wrapping paper, and find a moment for peregrination:

Ah... but then there is less, that which all wanderers of the globe's golf parks seek, eternally, it seems.  Less, as in fewer:

Fewer swipes upon completion of walk.  Fewer minutes necessary to finish a said walk.  Fewer swing thoughts.

So, what is it, and what shall it be, boys & girls, this post-Christmas time? 

The Answers

Is that then what you are seeking?  As with your golf swing, game, and perhaps next steps upon those daily sidewalks?  I'm with you, mes amis... Fancy-talking, blue-lit screen blaring wanna-be golf gurus will insist upon their ways ('tis more profitable for bank accounts, and aforementioned egos), yet deep down inside, do you not question their 'answers?' I know I do.

And those answers being 'sold' by the simple act of selecting, pressing & clicking, clicking, selecting and pressing.  It's so terribly easy, painless, and downright comfortable and convenient.  Pardon me for Scrooging you, boys & girls, but anything worthwhile takes contemplation (initially), patience, and a long time.  A conscious commitment.

Allow me to share some insight from a trio of wise men & woman, via a book (whisper-out to R. Holiday) gifted my way, with the goal of guiding you in the choices of what, more, or less...

Walker Percy

From Lancelot:

Yes, it was possible to stand.  Nothing happened.  I listened.  There was no sound: no boats on the river, no trucks on the road, not even cicadas.  What if I didn't listen to the news? I didn't.  Nothing happened.  I realized I'd been afraid of the silence."

Thich Nhat Hanh

"Before we can make deep changes in our lives, we have to look into our diet, our way of consuming.  We have to live in such a way that we stop consuming the things that poison us and intoxicate us.  Then we will have the strength to allow the best in us to arise, and we will no longer be victims of anger and frustration."

Twyla Tharp

"Sit alone in a room and let your thoughts go wherever they will.  Do this for one minute... Work up to ten minutes a day of this mindless mental wandering.  Then start paying attention to your thoughts to see if a word or goal materializes.  If it doesn't, extend the exercise to eleven minutes, then twelve, then thirteen... until you find the length of time to ensure that something interesting will come to mind.  The Gaelic phrase for this state of mind is 'quietness without loneliness.'"

More for Less: Jumpstart your next Decade

This decade is about done, peeps... is it not time to make an authentic commitment for better performance on the links (maybe you just want to enjoy the walk more - or learn to 'cross some different streams..')?

Some special CS lesson packages for 2020 and beyond (it is a game for a lifetime, remember?) available for a limited few moons:

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“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant - there is no such thing.  Making your unknown known is the important thing - and keeping the unknown always behind you.”

-- Georgia O'Keeffe


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