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No Doubt

It's what you - and the best players in the world last week whacking it around Long Island with what at times did appear to be tire irons at The U.S. Open - need more than anything in your head before hitting a shot.  But do you have 'no doubt,' or, are you too riddled with confusion, 'don'ts,' what ifs, 'shoulds,' maybes, and the like?  I understand.  And there's hope for you, fellow roamers of the links...
To tee it off, click above on Gwen Stefani.  Watch her man-eating story unfold, and listen to the words, from the 2003 video and rendition of "It's My Life" (and yes it is your life, your golf game, and your own unique mindset - not someone else's).  Then, per the norm, pop on back my way for some ideas & insight on how the clip's offerings might help to clarify and choose what, and how, you are thinking.
"I've asked myself
How much do you commit yourself?"
It's what I endlessly ask my students before each and every shot: did you tell the ball (and the universe) what you want, or are you just hoping, praying and waiting to see where the ball goes?  YOU are in charge - not the nugget.  Sure, it doesn't always go as planned - what does in the games of golf, and life (hint: the elite performers are superior in their abilities to adapt and adjust when things stray into the high fescue) - yet nonetheless, an intention, plan and direction must be set prior to any motion.  Always.
Do you not have a specific plan of action when you hop in your car to head the course?  Or do you just hope that your AI self-driving car will arrive all on its own, hopefully finding the right path, hopefully, avoiding other moving vehicles, hopefully skirting live beings in your path?
"Funny how I blind myself
I never knew
If I was sometimes played upon
Afraid to lose"
And, do you put your precious attention, focus and concentration onto what you don't want to run into?  "Don't mow over the fire hydrant, don't drift over the median into the other lane, don't rear-end that car in front of me."  Blinding yourself to what you want? Of course not: your attention and intention are on where you want to go, and how you are going to get there, no doubt.
The unseen bonus: your mind/body system is a master of measurement.  Far more advanced than some plug and play device utilized in a sterile, consequence-free environment; how you swing and perform on a flat, artificial surface with a bunch of 'do-overs' and zero stress will not transfer to veritable golf course conditions - especially when things get a little wicked and wild, like they did at times at Shinnecock Hills.  
'Cool Hand' Koepka didn't seem fazed... he's endured his share of setbacks, and is savvier than most when it comes to his precious practice minutes.  And his attire.  Click above for some ideas from my brethren at Nike Golf. 
It all starts there, boys and girls: you fearful of an errant shot - or focused on where you want the ball to go?   Perhaps you're taking a page out of Gwen's lady-killer saga... Poisoning your mind with negative options?  Flattening your inner-genius with visions of vectors, angles and averages?  Tossing that hair-dryer into a soothing, decisive & confident bath? Yep, you too may be strapping yourself down to some table or situation of no return...
Fear injects itself into your game-plan time and time again, doesn't it now?  About all the bad things that could happen, all the horrible places your ball could end up, all the rotten impressions people could have of you?  Afraid to lose, no doubt.
It's YOUR Life, and YOUR Choice
Heard it all before?  Great. Whatcha doing about it?  Just like you'd heard No Doubt's rendition of that tune before, right?  Of course, click above for the original version of the song written by Mark Hollis and Tim Friese-Greene, of new wave band "Talk Talk," circa 1984. 
"It's my life
Don't you forget
Caught in the crowd
It never ends"
Your life, your mind - your own personal 'flow state.' Your original version - not that crowd you are caught in... Thought precedes action, amigos - so how to 'know' (your subconscious is running the show, BTW...) when it's time to pull the trigger?  Easy: train with the system based in 30 + years of research, from performance backwards (click below for specifics and to procure).  No 'fit into the norm,' pseudo, hocus-pocus band science here, just the real deal.  No doubt. 

Here to help.  Mind & body (they work in unison, FYI).  At my home base of Eugene Country Club, or in your hood, should you prefer.

“Our doubts are traitors,
and make us lose the good we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt.”

-- William Shakespeare



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