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"Help Me"

The pervading sentiment in current COVID-19 times for many, and so often the case for golfers that have not created self-belief & confidence in themselves and their innate powers.

Pity.  Who is responsible?  You, and your golf guide, but of course.  Is that individual empowering you to self coach - or making you dependent on his or her feedback? Addicting you do data, #'s and metrics from indoor (the game is played out-of-doors last I checked, where you are bathed in the elements) tech & blue-lit screens - then throwing you out to the wolves upon the links?  Pampering you with perfect lies, plentiful do-overs and paltry (if any) consequence - then hoping you can negotiate the utter chaos and total randomness awaiting you when you put the ball on the peg on the 1st tee?

It's where the principles of my Train2Trust programs can assist (when, like all, utilized in timely & effective manners).

Yet, in this time of life crises - and there are so many on the golf course (at least, 'in the country of your mind..'), you must first be able to help yourself (then in turn help others, amigos). 

Click above for a blast from the incomparable Joni Mitchell, then strum back my way for some thoughts on how her words can help you with your troubles in the golf park, and life's (more deserted than ever) daily sidewalks...

"Help me
I think I'm falling
In love again"

You?  Falling in love with the latest and greatest swing method out there?  Something that works for a super-athlete Tour player (and most likely, not you)? Some shtick being blasted out on your now more-frequently-viewed-than-ever SM channels?  Question: yes or no - just because someone has a microphone, you should listen to them? And are you falling for who and what you see the 'most?' The most # of posts?  The most smooth-talking? The most beautiful? 

Why not follow Ms. Mitchell's gaze and look above for some answers, inspiration, and truths?  You know, to that higher part of self... the selfless one that understands in helping others, you help yourself.  The intuitive part of you that listens the the soft voices of what's right, and what's wrong.  Of who really cares - and who are 2020's snake-oil salespeople, pandering their golf virus elixirs and silver beads. 

And get your damned eyes off your dumbphone for a few minutes - 'headdownitis' is far more destructive than any bug out there - stretch your neck and upper back in the opposite direction for a change (towards the heavens), while opening up your chest.  Your address posture and backswing range of motion will greatly appreciate it. 

"It's got me hoping for the future
And worrying about the past"

The "it" on the links far too often is your troublesome mind, boys and girls.  The entity that likes to wonder off into the past - what has happened, that you cannot change - and what might happen in the future.  'It' flees the present, preferring some fantasmical time machine. 

Your mind currently stuck on the COVID-19 dilemma?  I understand.  Troubling to us control-freak humans (some more than others...), much like those happenings on-course that you are not in charge; how then, to go forward? 


- Focusing your energy on what you can control.  Pre-shot routine.  Doing your math and reading (of the greens) prior to pulling the trigger.  Committing to the process.

- Our enormous malleability.  Yes you fellow homo sapien, master compensator, problem solver and most importantly - improviser bar none! No sports on TV?  Read a book (try a little paper and ink for a change - classic suggestion below).  No, or fewer, social gatherings?  Go for a walk in nature (covering for your feetsies below your reading material); is that not part of what we so fancy in the golf park? 

Learn something 'new.' Go ahead now - don't be afraid of 'failing...'  Like with a new shot in golf, you shall stumble first (permission granted) - but lifelong learning, curiosity and adversity are what keep you young, vibrant and resilient.  How's that for a threesome to have in your pocket and spirit to do battle with those viral demons on and off the links?

"You dance with the lady
With the hole in her stocking"

Just as you must "dance with whom you brung" when it's time to actually play the game...  Feeling under the weather, out of sorts, don't have your "A" game?  Gotcha - but the golf ball and course don't care.  They, like the microorganism now affecting each and every one of us, is immune to your status, social, physical, intellectual, and emotional. 

How then to proceed?  Boost your immunity people, put your selfless big boy & girl pants on, help yourself, and others more in need.  You think the answers are sophisticated and complex?  I respectfully disagree - and maybe it's time you showed some respect to those less fortunate than you, he or she who regularly wanders in the golf park - while some are sleeping in a park...

Help?  Try:

- Sleeping more (and better)
- Breathing consciously, with purpose & intention (awaken your nostrils for a change..)
- Ingesting nutrient-dense foods
- Moving in nature
- Thinking of others

Wow, high tech s**t, eh? ;)
 'Social distancing:' as if we didn't have enough of this already... Yikes! In need of some guidance, feedback and direction for your golf in this time of COVID-19?

No time like the present to dive into my virtual coaching program.  Video and stat review via CoachNow and Anova.Golf.  The development of an optimal practice regime for you, and your schedule.  Ideas and referrals in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body.  A competent, comprehensive and on-going loop for learning.

Of interest? I'm not so distant after all:

 “The man of genius inspires us with a boundless confidence in our own powers”

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson



          ~ CS ~
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