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This Is Not America

Or is it? A picture speaks 1,000 words.  Chapter 4,523,119.  Or thereabouts.  Who knows what to believe, on or off the golf course, in modern-day Moscow, and Washington - and everywhere else, for that matter.  Golf instructor exhibitionists and panderers pounding SM for likes - but is it really helping people play better and enjoy the game - or simply a 'one size fits all' biz model to produce more revenue whilst stroking one's fragile ego?

Just who to ask?  How 'bout David Bowie (oh, he's still with us; you been listening?) & the Pat Metheny Group, and a song taken from the soundtrack of the 1985 film, The Falcon and The Snowman.  Metheny would later say the lyrics were profound and meaningful.
Click above on the dynamite (?) duo for a listen, then venture on back this way for some insight on your golfing (and life) realities...

Vlad & Donny best collusionist buddies?  Who really knows... At least from the picture above, our golfing commander-in-chief appears to be working on his glutes and legs to help strengthen his golf swing :)  A stable base to help getting the arms swinging faster (where the bulk of your clubhead speed is produced, BTW).  From the sounds of things, he may soon have more available time on the links - which is a vital part of you improving your own game.

"Little piece of you
The little peace in me"

You - well, all of us, actually - have multiple 'little pieces' within us: sub-personalities.  Yes, that's right, "Mini Me's!" 

Some are more useful during a round of golf, others in your daily walk of life.  Who comes out to play when you perform your best?  When things don't go as planned?  Did you know that you are in charge, and get to choose?  You do now.

Peace of mind on the links - or emotional train-wreck?  Next time you hit a loose one, take a look around you and remember how fortunate you are even to be playing golf, when so many others (ask Vlad's compatriots) cannot.  Gratitude is a brilliant post-shot routine ingredient.

"Snowman melting from the inside
Falcon spirals to the ground"

You get the picture.  Again.  Cyclical?  As sure as centrifugal force, courtesy of great rotary forces of the pelvis primarily, are squaring/lining up your golf club on the downswing.  Uh... did our bro in So Cal forget about what's putting energy into the golf club?  Click above for some not-so-fake news. Profound and meaningful.

This Is Not Golf


It's golf-like, sure - and might be fun - but it's not the real deal.  You see: nothing has been learned until it has been experienced. 

This Is Golf

So, if you wanna get good at hitting shots off of perfect lies (off actual dirt & grass - or something other?), with tons of do-overs and no consequence while maximizing, optimizing and trying to blend into an average - you go boys & girls.  But don't expect it to help you in the real golfing world.

However, if you're game for some ideas on how to prep yourself for the wondrous mayhem that will confront you when you step to the 1st tee, and beyond, click on 2018 Champion Golfer of the Year, Francesco Molinari, below.  It's what you experience in a Train2Trust session (more coming soon this fall - stay tuned!). 

This Is Not Life

Mini Me all grown up?  Maybe.  More profound and meaningful, courtesy of Seth Godin, about what is life:

Evanescent Boundaries

"If you want to make the Olympic soccer team, join a symphony orchestra or get into medical school, the path is well lit. It's not easy, but the goals are clear and the boundaries are obvious.

Day by day, achievement by achievement, it's a linear race. You know the rules, you can see the competitive landscape and you can train. It's rare that the rules change along the way.
This is irresistible for some people, and if it ends, or they don't make it, they're often lost in the wilderness.
That's because real life doesn't have clear goals and obvious boundaries.
Real life is not organized around an 800 on the SATs, or a FGA average that's the highest in the league.
Instead, real life has changing rules, hidden rules, rules that aren't fair. Real life often doesn't reveal itself to us all at once, the way the rules of baseball are clearly written down.
And so, the first challenge of real life is: find some goals. And the second: figure out some boundaries.
It doesn't pay to get stressed out that these goals and these boundaries aren't the same as everyone else's. It doesn't pay to mourn the loss of the rigid structures that worked in the world you used to be in.
You're in real life now.
So, find some goals and find some boundaries.
Then you can get back to work."

You?  Lost in your own personal golfing wilderness?  Somebody change the 'swing rules' again? Stuck in a rigid swing structure or pattern that used to work (one type of yips), but doesn't anymore? I understand.  Like with life, your golf swing and game is in constant flux.  Changing.  Morphing.  What's critical is to be able to manage, adjust and adapt - at any given moment.  It's September 1, 2018 people, no going back - onward into your 'real' life, on and off the links. 

"For this could be the biggest sky
And I could have the faintest idea"

Yes, you could.  And I can help.  At Eugene Country Club - or a golf park near you.

"When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show.  When you're born in America you get a front row seat."

-- George Carlin


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