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Pass The Cranberries, Please

T-Day around the corner, the cranberry fixins in full prep.  CS' has got a blast for your before the tryptophan kicks in (yet another myth in the dietary  realm - like so many when it comes to how to 'properly' swing a golf club: turkey has about the same amount of the amino acid as other meats; so more than likely 'tis the gluttonous overeating that's taxing your digestive system and putting you to sleep...).

Click below.  Listen.  Wishbone it on back this way post, for some thoughts on how the lyrics, this holiday, and your dreams, can guide you to better performance on the links, and beyond...

"Oh, my life
Is changing every day
In every possible way"

Indeed.  And so are the conditions + your physical and emotional self 'every day' you play the ball & stick game.  So - are you making the needed and necessary adjustments - or are you stuck in some other time, or place?  You know, the way things were, or might be later on?

I understand - and so did the Daoists, the ancient Chinese philosophical system and tradition, in regards to the approaching season of Winter - where water is the elemental energy that governs all. 

Too "woo woo" for you?  How about:

Wu Wei

That's the Chinese expression meaning "going with the flow, being fluid, flexible and adaptable to any change in your environment." Remember, water is revealed by its ability to take the shape and form of any thing that contains it.. as powerful as a glacier, wearing away entire landscapes, and as soft and fluid as a gentle rain.

I'd opt for those qualities over any other in myself as a golfer (and human being), and for my studentsMay we all adapt the way of Wu Wei, on the links, and upon our daily sidewalks..


The Cranberries' lead singer Dolores O'Riordan's dreams all came to an abrupt end early last year at the ripe young age of 46 years. 

You?  Dreams, desires and/or aspirations for your golf (and life)?  Wanting more?  Ah... you still have time, and opportunities.

"I want more

Impossible to ignore
Impossible to ignore"

Love it!  So just what are you doing about those 'impossible to ignore' wants?  Craving them like that piece (or two) of pumpkin pie at the table tomorrow - or putting together a legit plan (sorry peeps - no quick fixes here as pandered, marketed and sold on the Intrawebs..) without attachment to outcome?

That's a big task, golfing friends, much like doing the dishes post Thanksgiving fiesta.  Suggestion: find an appropriate (street, not selfie cred, please) golf guide who understand that it is in fact a process, and that YOU - not him or herself - is the hero in your story, and dreams.


What if... we were to break down the word itself - like we must do more and more with the game of golf (its gist, nature, and meaning) - and give it some true thought, followed by examples (the most potent of all things). 

Here, I'll start, and in wishing you all a wondrous Thanksgiving, encourage you to do the same.

- Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share thoughts, notions and concepts with you that might bring wisdom your way in the golf park, and beyond, via my missives.

Here to help in the golf process.  At Eugene Country Club, or a golf venue near you.

"Life is a dream.  'Tis waking that kills us"

-- Virginia Woolf

          ~ CS ~
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