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Isn't that what's it all about these days in the golf, and life realms, anyway?  'More, more, more'... More information.  More data.  More knowledge.  More 'likes.'  More posts.  More ego-stroking.  More dirty paper in your wallet.

Do you find the album cover from Andrea True's 1976 hit - or the fact that she was a porn actress - any more vulgar or offensive than the abuses of the 'mores' I just mentioned? 

If so - hasta luego!  I understand.  If not, and you're interested in how more is interfering with your task of getting the golf ball into the hole sooner, and other aspects of your daily sidewalk doings - then click above, take a listen, then come back this way for some ideas and insight on how LESS, is in fact, more...

"But if you want to know
How I really feel
Just get the cameras rolling
Get the action going"

Feel vs. Real.  Ever heard that before re your golf swing?  It's a catchy phrase in my world, and apparently doesn't even escape the realm of one of the greatest players ever, Tiger Woods.  Click on the interesting video interview above, go to the 3:15-ish mark and listen to this maestro speak to the feel vs. real phenomenon - as well as optimizing precious practice minutes...


- "When feel and real intersect."  What you are feeling - in your golf swing or in your heart - is never wrong, boys and girls.  Don't let a golf instructor or other human tell you otherwise.  Those feels belong to YOU, no one else... In motor learning parlance, they represent your "internal model."  Very important.  Is your coach/instructor/guide nurturing those models - or insisting on his way, his preference, his lingo? If so, beware!! 

In addition, do those feels match up/intersect with the 'real' (perhaps viewed best by 3D Mo Cap, 2D video, or a competent eye 'just get the cameras rolling')?  Perhaps not - but when they do - you too may find some magic in better controlling your golf ball..

- "Golf is a very fluid environment.  Shot to shot, day to day, course to course - it's all different."
Are you practicing 'different' - or the same old, rote, bore-me-to-death things?  If so, and you are improving (I'd be surprised), then by all means, keep it up.  If not, consider a more effective training protocol - like what I prescribe in a Train2Trust scenario (details below).  Alas - not CS' opinion (there are more, more, and more of those out there as well on the Interwebs, huh?) - rather 25 years of research and findings in neuroscience, motor learning and human performance (+ my own self guinea-pigging as an elite Speedgolfer) designed to optimize your precious practice time.

- "The bigger picture is trying to get mind, body and soul to come together."  Amen, Tiger. You? Gonna 'get the action going' in those domains - or sit around and hope, wait and fantasize?  Rather than taking on more, more, more, consider (click away on images below, peeps...):




"Veniger aber besser," in German.  Translation: "Less and better."  Yes, please.

Need some guidance and direction for your golf swing, and game?  Less 'blah blah blah' fancy talk meant to impress you (but doesn't help?), more, more, more simple substance that 'clicks' for you?  I'm here - at Eugene Country Club - or a golf park near home.


“Fear less, hope more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Hate less, love more; And all good things are yours.” 

-- Swedish Proverb



          ~ CS ~
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