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Bread, Coffey & Cream

What more do you really need, anyway, to survive?  And what more do you truly need for your golf ball to better behave, and enjoy the walk around the golf park ? Alas, takes but a  few simple things.

Allow a few artists (a dying breed?) to enlighten you (with short CS follow-ups)...

"NEXT ON THE 1ST TEE:" Bread.  Click just above for their 1970 hit "Make It With You." 

'Cause guess what, boys & girls - who do you need to embrace, befriend & encourage more than anyone else when put the peg in the ground to begin your golfing adventure? Yep - YOU!  You, yourself (or selves) and I. 

Enough with the 'positive' (may not be heard, after all, by skeptical ears) blah blah blah, how about a more non-negative, neutral, and truth-based (where is that in today's world, anyway..??) approach?  It's what Trevor Moawad, a mental conditioning and performance coach who works with some 'heavy hitters' including Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, prescribes.

Read more by clicking on the ESPN piece, below.


John Coffey, that is ("like the drink, only not spelled the same").

Whaaa... you thought CS didn't know how to spell and his spell-check got whacked by a badass virus? 

You?  Dependent on a plug-and-play piece of tech to help you navigate the links?  A replacement for your brilliant visual system that poops out when the battery dies?  A fill-in for all of your magnificent senses re temperature, wind and prevalent conditions for each and every shot, at each and every moment (presence, it's called, friends)?  A substitute in the form of booklet (when will blue-lit screens be allowed..) 'cause your eyes, feet and gut supposedly can't inform you which way your ball might roll on the dance floor? 

My man John Coffey from the fantastic flick The Green Mile ain't the only one with supernatural powers, brothers & sisters.  Click above for a reminder, plus a few other powerful points...

- Judging books by their covers: Amen.  Mr. Coffey looks more like an All-Pro nose-tackle than a tender and caring human being.  Your golf instructor look the part while sweet-talkin' you with clever-sounding verbiage (that you can barely comprehend)?  I understand.  But don't you just want someone like John Coffey to help you feel, and hit it, better? 

- How about finding someone in your golf and everyday life who can suck away all the conflicting, confusing and downright bad information (that is often peddled for next to nothing via the Interwebs - and imagine - peddled your way without ever having assessed your body, nor clubs/equipment + never having seen you swing a club, or play the game, live..), and provide some clarity, and relief?  Take the lead from our NFL defensive lineman in disguise...

- "We found each other"  Overly 'mushy-gushy' for ya?  Quite the contrary, people... put your emotional big boy & girl pants on, and grasp the dire reality/need for finding individuals in your life with whom you can communicate, relate to, and who may guide you to more prosperity on the links (and beyond..).  Humans whose hearts & intentions are in the right spot, which last I checked, is not based in greed or ego. 

WHISPER OUT (big John Coffey would, he doesn't need to shout) to my PGA Brethren (and golf guides everywhere), re the oath we all took upon becoming members of this association:


You know the drill (but are those drills you're doing for you golf game transferring to the golf course?  If not, perhaps your practice regime needs a good dose of Train2Trust..): click on the album cover just north of here on your screen, listen, enjoy, then swing on back this way. 

The classic offering of the "White Room" from Cream, but of course, from the late 1960's (where some of your training, practice and performance beliefs are still stuck, BTW..).  RIP, rad Cream drummer Ginger Baker.

"I'll wait in this place where the sun never shines
Wait in this place where the shadows run from themselves"

Sound darkly familiar, fellow roamers of the links?  You waiting in a place where you are so frightened to make a change for fear of initially getting worse - so you can eventually get better?  Indeed, no sun shining in that mind-space; time to take a peek out for a brighter golfing future?

And whatcha running from, anyway?  Yourself?  The water hazard in front of that green?  OB left and right?  The delicate little pitch over a bunker? 

I understand.  But that's you putting your attention, and more importantly your intention, on what you do not want.  Is that how you go through your daily doings, as well?  Avoiding, focusing on what you do not desire, running from you own shadow, that you in fact, are in charge of?

Time to change rooms, isn't it? 
 I'm here for you - come for a visit to my room - the lesson/learning tee and accompanying golf park playground at Eugene Country Club (or a venue closer to you, if you prefer).

"And so early on, we taught these concepts around non-negativity, and then eventually we came to the idea of neutral thinking and neutral behavior, which is a recognition that the past happened, but the past isn't predictive.  Your next behavior is predictive."

-- Trevor Moawad



          ~ CS ~
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