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It's No Big Deal

It wasn't for the legendary Carl Spackler while scouring the swimming pool - but is the virus that's now on everyone's mind? Increasingly so as I peck away at my keyboard... Kinda like 'what's a big deal' in your mind and with your golf swing, on the links, and upon life's daily sidewalks.  Let us put our Hazmat suits on - or go naked & raw (your choice, as in all, amigos..) - and take a closer look at what might be deemed 'big deals...'


Such a powerhouse attitude, is it not?  Belief in self.  Belief in your own potential.  Belief in your ability to make that putt, clear that hazard, hit that fairway.  Or not... Doubt.  Hesitation. FEAR. 

Are you in a reality/fact-based mindset - you know - what is happening and in your 'control,' or are you living in la-la land, the counter-factual, crystal ball realm of what "might happen?" 

Like with this bug, each and every shot, and round of golf, can be planned and per-programmed for success.  Or, you could just step up to the ball, and swing and hope for the best.. Sure, there will be detours (you ready, willing and able for the adventure - or stuck in some "should" mode?) - bad bounces and circumstances that are out of your control - yet you can ready yourself emotionally and physically to do battle. 

Don't Touch It!

Certainly one approach to your fears and swing habits: just hope the negative thoughts and emotions simply vanish into thin air, and those dysfunctional parts of your swinging & stroking motions improve via some Soothspewer SM instructor's magic wand.  Presto, Chango.  Really, peeps??

Two syllables from yours truly re that notion: Dream. On. And click on C. Spackler and his discovery above for some associated tunes this fine Thursday...

"Sing with me, sing for the years
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears"

THANK YOU Steven Tyler for those lyrics - and a much needed dose of reality in many golfer's fantasy land...

- Sing for the years: it takes time ladies and gentlemen (focused and optimally structured time) and daily practice to change a pattern, behavior or motion. 

- Sing for the laughter: rejoice for heaven's sake in the good shots, rounds and times in the golf park.  Instead of immediately commenting on what was less-than-perfect after each and every swing - why not rewire your noggin' from a neuro standpoint and immediately find - and voice, internally or externally - 3 good/positive aspects to the shot.

- Sing for the tears: Amen.  The blood, sweat and tears that anything worthwhile requires.  Consider relishing in the ride of improvement of your golf game (and that of evolving as a humanoid), embracing the 'failures' as fantastic feedback, as opposed to lamenting the labor.  'Tis the journey after all, boys & girls, not the destination...



You have them floating around in your golf game?  In mind, body, and spirit?  I understand.  And - perhaps they too are nothing more than a harmless candy bar of sorts, which needs to be gathered, addressed and 'treated.'

I'm here for you - either live at ECC - or from afar.  Virtual coaching available now - perhaps needed now MORE THAN EVER - for a select few: consistent video and stat review.  The development of an ideal practice regime for you, and your schedule.  Guidance and referral in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body.  A competent, comprehensive and on-going feedback loop.

Of interest to you?  You know where to find me...

 “Fear, left unchecked, can spread like a virus.”

-- Lish McBride



          ~ CS ~
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