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Failure to Fetch Feedback

Yeah, baby...!!! Long live this Sunday the 1970's for CS - specifically the 'do,' the trousers and the footwear.  Bad-ass.  Pity a functional, powerful and productive golf swing didn't make that list.  Sure, I survived well enough to set a Guinness World Record in Speedgolf (click above for a lesson in fast & efficient golf, if you have a mere 3 minutes...), but woulda, coulda, shoulda learned to strike it a lot better.  How?  Read on!

Yours truly going at it, circa late '70's, above.  Less than ideal, and no real excuses.  Poor guidance and instruction?  Nope, not really.  I had access to quality instruction, writing, pictures and video of effective, imitable motions - as well as concept, ideas & theories that were for the most part relevant, pertinent and accurate.  I just dropped the proverbial ball on... failure to fetch feedback.

I (and I shudder to think how many of you perusing this piece are a part of this less-than dream team) spent countless hours whacking thousands of golf balls, without proper feedback.  Thinking, believing and feeling (oops, missed the reality show that was my actual golf swing) that I was moving and swinging like my models of the day - doing what would create the best strike - yet utterly and completely clueless.

Except for the threads, right?  The bell-bottom pants.  The kelty-clad footwear.  Your fashion sense is salivating, huh?  I understand.  Click on teenage me just above for some current offerings from my peeps at Nike Golf. 

Guilty as charged in my sloppy & feedback-less practice ways.  You? If so, then how to practice better, smarter, with appropriate feedback?
Alas - with the devil in your pocket, of course.  If sitting is the new smoking, then cell/dumb phones are the new cigarettes, friends.  Addictive.  Destructive.  Brain-altering (in non-beneficial ways). 

However, after the blue-lit screen monster crawls out from under the bus I just tossed it under, let us look at some ways this tool might help us by providing crucial and accurate feedback:

- Feel isn't real, but what you see on that photo or video screen is.  You ready for that much needed dose of your golf swing reality?  Take a good look... Although certain aspects can only be 'seen' in 3D motion capture, the 2D video your handheld device provides can be of incredible value - as long as you know what to look for, and causes & effects (that's why you need an expert guide/teacher). 

No one around to hold your Devil? Can't find anything to prop it up against?  Click on the tarantula-looking gizmo below + accessories for a practical solution.

Surprised at what you see?  Not what it feels like?  Not what you thought you were doing?  Not what you were trying to do?  Relax.  You, fellow fast-swinging humanoid, belong to a bountiful club of brothers and sisters.  How then, your hopefully curious mind inquires, do you illicit change, alteration and/or modification? 


- Slowing down.  The entire golf swing takes less than two seconds.  It makes your 'thinking intention' look like a snail next to the Tesla-like velocity of the motion.  Instead, make the new/desired motion in super slow motion.  Like you are underwater, or half stuck in molasses.  Then (and this is critical, as it 'belongs' to YOU - not someone playing on Tour, or giving the lesson) ask yourself: "What (and where specifically) did I feel?"

Film that and see what happens...

- Exaggerate.  A lot.  Do what feels like the diametric opposite of what you are doing.  Yeah - out of control, radically different.  Film that, watch it - then put that in your proverbial pipe and smoke it.

- Feel it to heal it.  Ahh... I've recommended this concept previously to deal with detrimental emotions and fear - and guess what - the same is true of the physical movements you are making, and want to make.  Unfortunately, whilst swinging at full speed, then having a golf ball + consequence/result present to distract you, most of us don't feel anything other than impact.  So: eliminate the distractions initially.  Push record on your device, make a swing sans aforementioned distractions, and take a peek.  BIN-GO.

Taming the Devil

How to manage your exposure to the harmful (especially when it's time to rest and recover) über brain-stimulation caused by screens?  It's a tap-in: procure a coolio pair of Swannies (click above).  

Coaching & Guidance


And how to manage the process (yes, it is a process..) of improving yourself as a golfer?  With feedback, of course.  Accurate and meaningful feedback, please.

 I can help.  One-day golf schools, Train2Trust practice gatherings (schedules coming soon...), and individual lessons. 

At Eugene Country Club, or a golf park near you.


"There is no failure.  Only feedback."

- - Robert Allen

          ~ CS ~
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