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Double Vision

Or double take in the case of Galacian resident Dolores Leis Antelo.  Striking resemblance to U.S. Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump, many say.  What think you?  One thing for sure: she's highly skilled at wielding that hoe on her shoulder, whilst interpreting, accepting and adjusting to the varied climatic conditions, in order to care for her crops (primarily potatoes).

What about you?  Which funny shaped sticks in your golf bag are you best with - and which need a little work?  Are you able to recognize and adapt to the plethora of conditions a stroll in the golf park presents you?  Or are you stuck in soil (or mud?) - or mode - (hopefully not some look-alike's mode...) that doesn't allow you to harvest your innate bounties?

More importantly in the grand life-scheme: who, or what, are you caring for - other than yourself, your bank account, and your ego?

While Señora Antelo is focusing on her spuds and our Doppelgänger Prez his tweets, what is it that you are putting your focus on in your golf game?  And how is the quality of your focus?  Do you experience sensory laziness?  Take your clear, single vision for granted?  Easily distracted by the blue-lit, rectangular-shaped hunk 'o metal in your pocket, enticing you with instant gratification?  I understand - and have help for you, below...

Also, are you too trying to look like someone else when you swing?  Some trendy Tour player model or the like?  The latest and greatest swing method floating around out there?  Oops...

Our Spanish DJT look-alike resides in an area knows as the "Costa Da Morte" - "the coast of death" - an eerily beautiful beach region where many a ship has been wrecked.  Well, all hands on deck for this tidbit, boys and girls:

Trying to make your swing look like someone else's - accomplished player or not - might very well be wrecking your motion, and game.  Best to create a move that fits your body, respects your limits and restrictions, and caters to your strengths.

Otherwise those super spendy, custom-fit sticks in your bag might leave you feeling like you too are simply flailing around in a far off field with a medieval digging tool in hand...

Double Vision, Take 2

Just what in the name of Foster Brooks and Arnold Ziffel are so many of our supposed smarty-pants teachers seeing, anyway?  Conveniently placing their cameras & sensors in spots that justify their beliefs.  Interpreting their data so that it fits their preferred model.  Comparing mere mortals of the game of golf (you and me, comrades) to the superhuman freaks that play for a living. 

Perhaps they too best belly up to the bar and order a glass of reality - alongside the pair above.  Go ahead - click away on the twosome just north of this text.  Heaven forbid a silly smile appear on your face, and a giggle or two finds its way out of your snout.  You'd be surprised how the numbers get smaller on the scorecard when laughter is in the links air, and you embrace the ridiculousness of it all...


You didn't truly think CS would do a post entitled such without accompanying music, did you?  Correctamundo!!!  Classic 1978 tune from our boys at Foreigner...

- Crank device volume
- Click on album cover above
- Close tired eyes for 225 seconds
- C'mon back my way for more...



"Fill my eyes with that double vision
No disguise for that double vision
Ooh, when it gets through to me, it's always new to me
My double vision gets the best of me"

Indeed, when the power of the VIMA Rev stroboscopic glasses get through to you with regular use, your blurred view (of so much) will be transformed into something new - and your performance on the course significantly improved.

"from one to another extreme"

Amen.  I'll make this brief: if you are not training with the Revs, you're shipwrecked before even boarding... Click above for the details - contact me for a pair at a preferred price.

Late Spring and Summer CS agenda around the corner - stay tuned to this channel for details.  My signature Train2Trust sessions, "Taste the Tech" experiences, 1/2 day and full day golf gatherings, in addition to private sessions, catered to your needs.  I'm available at Eugene Country Club (non-member students always welcome), or a golf park near you.

“If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how different our ideals of beauty would be”



          ~ CS ~
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