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Won't Get Fooled Again

Or will you?  About how to swing a golf club?  Stroke a putt?  Play the games of golf, and life?

I wonder...

Click above on our carefree character for a BLAST from a foursome of legit rock-stars - The Who - then saunter on back this way for some CS insight on how our cliff-side Fool, and that motley British crew, can help you in your endeavors on the links & daily sidewalks. 

Not-to-miss visuals in this vid (for your golfing body, of course): guitarist Pete Townsend's incredible flexibility on stage.  The feet-together hops for ankle mobility.  The hip 'exercises' demonstrated.  Would behoove us all, especially those on the back 9 of our lives, to strive for such freedom of movement. 

We don't get fooled again"
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
Just like yesterday
Pick up my guitar and play
Smile and grin at the change all around
Take a bow for the new revolution
"I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Me too.  To the new constitution of factual and pertinent information on what, for example, makes a golf club swing faster.  I smile & grin (no hat tipping, however..) at the non-science based 'theories' being spun all around by the greedy wanna-be golf gurus.  They are well aware of the fact that golfers are vulnerable, impressionable and hopeful (like our well-clad fool, above).
"Allow your arms, hands and club to just 'drop" from the top of the backswing/transition, allowing gravity alone to accelerate the clubhead."

Really?  What planet are those fools living on?  Not this one, fo sho.  "Little g" - the acceleration due to the earth's gravity - ain't gonna give you much speed, boys and girls.  Might mesh nicely with some short shot concepts, but if you are trying to create speed and transfer energy into the clubhead as it impacts the ball, YOU need to contribute mightily to the input.

But don't take it from me, click on Sir Isaac Newton (no fool, last I checked) above, and read a brief Q & A from Golf Mag with Dr. Sasho Mackenzie.  Here's a sampling from the professor of biomechanics:

"Listen, there’ll always be science-deniers and the belief that none of what I or other researchers do is necessary. They’re going to be eroded away. There’ll be fewer and fewer of these people once the community realizes that science and technology are simply about learning and understanding better ways to swing a golf club.

I no longer feel bad for the instructors who are misapplying the laws of physics or well-established biomechanical principles, because the information’s out there. If they’ve got a theory that’s different from mine, fine. I’m open-minded. I’ll listen. Maybe I’ve made a mistake, but if they don’t have an argument other than, “I believe in my method,” then okay. I can’t do anything else. We can’t have a logical debate. I just feel bad for the golfers they’re teaching."

You'd be a fool not to read the rest...


Or is it?  Let us take a better look - be more observant and aware (so important when playing the ball and stick game) of all that is depicted in this rendition of The Fool in the Rider-Waite Smith (no relation) Tarot card deck.

- The sun is shining brightly on this young man - kinda like it is on you when you show up at the golf park.  Have you noticed recently?  Expressed to yourself, or others, how incredibly grateful you are to be in such a setting, playing a game, perhaps in good company?  Or, have you decided - damn, there's that choice thing again - to harp on all that is less-than-perfect in your entourage and surroundings?

- Well-dressed, knapsack in hand.  Hmm... kinda like you at the course, with your fancy schmancy garb + bag and sticks over your shoulder.  No?  In search of an upgrade?  Click on recent Players Champ Rory McIlroy just south on your screen for some ideas from my peeps at Nike Golf.

- Homeless you fathom, our Fool?  Doubtful.  He's looking up - a sign of hope - as opposed to the dreaded hunchbacked, 'headdownitis' look... Oh, you know what I mean, and when it happens:

  - You do your best (did you?) and the golf ball didn't end up where you wanted it to?  First off: did you tell the ball what you wanted prior to the motion?  Or did you just hit it and hope?  INTENTION is paramount in the pre-shot moments.  Instead of beating yourself up to a pulp - how about a pat on that kyphotic back, and some encouragement.

  - Some unfair bounce come your way (it is a game after all..) and you're now walking to your next shot with your chin towards your chest, playing victim?  I understand.  But that body language isn't helping you, friends.  Click on those colorful underlined words in the previous sentence and learn more about the powerful impact of your physical body on your mind (the thing that's running the show), from Dr. Amy Cuddy.

  - You look like our black and white pal to the left, Quasimodo, more and more, 'cause your eyes and head are in fact always down, staring at the blue-lit screen on your not-so-smart phone?  Take a page (or card) out our Fool's book: look up, out and forward, broadening your shoulders and horizons, squeezing those shoulder blades back & down, standing TALL, at each and every opportunity you have throughout the day. 

- Wassup with the flower in hand, you ask?  Appears as if our Fool is taking it all in, and savoring everything around him.  Wow.  What a concept... are you when you're out for a stroll in the golf park - or is your head back at the office, stuck in some techy swing-thought, or so blinded by your insecurities re shooting a good #, that you're missing the point?  

Not buying CS' shtick?  Good - always consider the source, as I tell my students.  You watch the match play event this past week?  Below some advice from a guy that dominated such a format, back in the day:

- The dog.  The cliff.  The journey. 

So very much like you on the links... 

- In your 'rapture' or disgust, might you be about ready to fall over?  Over a cliff, on your face?  Wake up, people (do you need a small hound at your side when you're playing to remind you?), and pay attention to what's changing and transpiring on the golf course.  The greatest players in the world are experts at noticing, adjusting and adapting to the present conditions.  Are you?  Or are you going to stubbornly cling to some 'game-plan' (and maybe it's not even yours), whether it's functioning, or not?

- Our Tarot Fool looks to be embracing an adventure with exuberance and excitement?  Are you when you put that peg in the ground on the 1st tee - or walk out your front door each day - or are you hell-bent on things going according to plan?  You gonna turn into a worry-wort when things don't go as you'd wanted - or take them with a proverbial grain, and respond in a fashion that will help you on that next shot, as oppose to hinder?

- The Fool brother appears to trust what'll pop up next on his path; do you?  You would if you'd Trained2Trust... click below for some reminders (then come see me face to face, soon). 


"Everything is just hunky dory" dude above has some warning signs as well, huh?  Whatcha think, see, and sense?

As The Who so strongly suggested, if you foolishly believe you're gonna just 'pick up your guitar - think golf clubs - and play, just like yesterday,' you got another thing coming.  It's not yesterday, kids, nor tomorrow; it's April 1, 2019.  Acknowledge and embrace the day, and the moment and conditions on the golf course, please.

Our airy fool might do best to exercise some caution as well, and take heed of his four-legged friend who's warning him of the danger ahead.  Leaps of faith are fantastic, as long as the leap is warranted.

So allow me to put my four-legged costume on momentarily - and warn you about jumping into some method of swinging a golf club, playing the game, or spending your days, based on fantasy, the feeding of one's ego, or the fattening of one's wallet.

Coaching & Guidance


Downright foolish not to pursue some in-person guidance for your golf.

I'm here to help - and the first CS One-Day Golf School of the season is around the corner.  Details below.

At Eugene Country Club, or a golf park near you.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

9 AM to 5 PM

Eugene Country Club, Eugene, OR

Come join me and a handful of others for a one-day golf school.  Some fun.  Some good info.  Some guidance. 

Some ideas on...

- How to effectively warm up
- How to prepare body and mind for a round of (good) golf
- Functional, effective and useful concepts for putting, short game and full swing - for you
- How, and what, to practice

The structure?  Dunno... :).  How about getting you ready for the "inevitability of everything," with which you shall cross paths during a round of golf?

Cost: A tunic like the one The Fool is donning on the Tarot card.  Plus a pair of those coolio boots...


ECC Members: $400

Non-Members: $450

Juniors (proof of ID required; am I fooling?): $350

Lunch, snacks and refreshments provided.  Space is extremely limited - so let me know at your earliest convenience. 

“Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.”

-- Elbert Hubbard



          ~ CS ~
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