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You catch the big shebang last Sunday eve from Hollywood? Messages en masse for your golf game from the movie stars, the misfits - and the music. Allow me to roll out the CS red carpet if you missed them amongst the glitz & glamour.  Powerful pieces that shall surely help you better navigate the links, and daily sidewalks…

Two-time Academy Award winner Barbra Streisand in the house to present.  Hard to forget that voice, and this song, isn’t it? Do me a favor: click above, close your eyes for a short few moments, and Re-mem-ber...

“Can it be that it was all so simple then
Or has time rewritten every line”

CS Red Carpet: Like the game of golf, and golf swing. Why was it so simple then – and been rendered so complex, so confounding, so convoluted, now? Too many modern teachers insisting on rewriting the lines (but the physics haven't changed) on basic concepts with “I’m here to impress you” techy talk.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be so… Rather, the task of the helpful golf guide can be to distill the data, information and science into simple concepts that are easily digestible, useful, and empower the player.

“What’s too painful to remember
We simply to choose to forget"

CS Red Carpet: Those ‘painful’ moments on-course you’re trying to forget? How’s that going? What happens in the corners of your mind when a similar situation, club or shot shows up the next time? Hope and pray you don’t flail again? Cross your fingers that something different – better – will happen, even though you haven’t addressed the issue?  Believe that faith alone shall heal all wounds and quadruple bogeys? Don't trip on that carpet...

Instead, why not:

  - Face the fear, and the flaw. Get to know it, its roots, its cause.  Might not be so scary once you get to know it. 

- Find a remedy – a modified or new way for you to approach the challenge (something in your intention, set up or swing), so your golf ball has a chance to better behave in the future.

 - Ingrain the new pattern or motion through focused, high quality and context-specific practice (Train2Trust). 


“Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another

For the way we were”

CS Red Carpet: How are your pictures on the golf course - the visualizing of the desired launching, flying and rolling journeys your ball shall be taking? Crystal clear about what you want - or scattered, blurry or indecisive?  It's your choice, friends, and you are in charge - so why not visually plan and prepare for success?  Mushy gushy woo woo, like Streisand's song, you claim?  Not at all... Thought precedes action, and everything starts with a picture in your mind.


Smiles.  This world needs more of them now more than ever, huh?  And guess who really needs one when you've done your very best after a shot, and it didn't turn out so hot?  YOU do.  Smile 'cause you gave it your all.  Smile 'cause you are so damn fortunate just to be playing this game.  Smile 'cause like a young Babs above, having compassion for yourself (and others) will help you on the links, and everywhere else.

The way we were, is, alas, not the way we are, is it now? So terribly important, albeit painful at times, to recognize, with our golf (and that other 'big show' we're all a part of - life).  

- The way you hit it decades ago, and the clubs that worked for you back then; those tools may not be doing you any favors at present.
- The way you physically moved and swung in the days of yesteryear, and the oft-stark reality of your strength, mobility and clubhead speed of today.

- The way you stood in relation to par a few holes back, compared to where you are standing right now.

"And the winner is...." 

Why, you get to choose, of course.  Bemoan, begrudge and bellyache about times (and shots) gone by - or reflect, rejoice and revel in where you're at, the challenge, and all you have, right now?

Streisand's attire for the Hollywood occasion so fitting; not so much for the golf course.. Click on her image just above for some offerings from my brethren at Nike Golf.


Coaching & Guidance


Memories from swings and rounds gone by?  All rosy, I trust. 

If not, I can help you create some new, more functional patterns, behaviors and movements.  

At Eugene Country Club, or a golf park near you.


“The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.”

-- L.P. Hartley

          ~ CS ~
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