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"I'm Going Home"

Michael Douglas' words at the end of this disturbingly classic opening scene from the 1993 crime/thriller flick, "Falling Down."  Take a few minutes out of your day and check it out by clicking on his mug above; then come back my way to better understand that the beginning of his 'bad day' has many commonalities with your bad days on the links (but really - are there ever truly any bad days when you're roaming a golf park?), and just how you can recognize, cope with, and even transform them. 

Oh, and in a sense - so am I - going home, that is...

Eugene Country Club

Excited to announce that CS HQ will be relocating to Eugene Country Club come Spring of 2018.  A sort of homecoming for me and next step in the wondrous 18-hole journey known as 'life,' as I become Director of Instruction at this incredible facility. 

My sincere thanks to rock-star ECC Head PGA Professional Bill Morach for making this possible.  Very much looking forward to the next chapter and becoming part of his team. 

And not to fear (scary is what happens to William Foster, the role Douglas plays in the aforementioned film) students: I'll remain on my old stomping grounds at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club through approximately March 1, 2018, to finish up any remaining sessions.  Thereafter, you'll have a few options should you need my guidance:

- Come see me at Eugene Country Club!  A short jaunt South down I-5, and you shall always be welcome.

- I'll be back at Pumpkin Ridge a few times this coming summer.

The Bad Day

You're angry

Seems the whole country is right now, unfortunately.  Inside, or out, as is the case with Mr. Foster, above.  Shame on you?  Maybe not...  Did you know that any emotion that carries energy can be extremely beneficial in performance; it's the ones - disgust, sadness, hopelessness, to name a few - that steal your precious energy, that must be dealt with, treated, and avoided, at all costs.

That anger?  Channel it in the direction of better focus, more meaning, and increased resilience.  Take it and make your issues on this planet your assets.  Not buying it?  I understand.  Just ask the fellow below how the level of his game rose, once his blood started to boil just a bit...

And oh, in search of a slightly different look on the links?  Click on a long-haired Johnny Mac back in the day for some offerings from my peeps at Nike, that go as well on the court as they do on the course.

You're disappointed

As is William Foster at the size and vibe of his meal, compared to the picture.  SSSSOOOOOOO much to learn from this image, re your golf:

- Your disappointment: your expectations are too high, period.  Admit it.  Some supposed guru tell you this game was easy?  Think because you're an athlete you ought to be able to play this game with little time or effort?  Think again.  Think that because you're not an athlete, this game is for you?  Think again, again.  Solution?  Lower your expectations.  Enjoy the game for what it is - a walk in mother nature chasing a little white ball with crooked sticks.  Find some legit guidance (or just eat at home, in the case of Mr. Foster's predicament).

Your comparisons: stop, now already.  Compared to whom?  You, 20 or more years ago when you played all the time, and when your physical body was less beat up?  One of your playing partners whose background and golf skills are probably quite different than your own?  Others your age, or the like? 

You are incomparable, boys and girls, your gifts (OK, maybe not on the golf course), talents and genius like no other. Compare this: you're playing a game, moving, walking and conversing with friends, out of doors, breathing fresh air - while many are sitting on their rear-ends in an office, in a vehicle stuck in gridlock, or even on a sidewalk without a home or some greasy fast food item to speak of...

You're contemplative

YES!!! Thank you.  It's the first step in assessing where you're at, where you want to go, and how to get there.  It's also what you must do after 15-20 minutes of deliberate & meaningful practice, to allow your magnificent brain to process, digest and assimilate what it is you are learning (a tenet of Train2Trust gatherings).  Wasting time just sitting there, 'doing' nothing?  Not at all; more often than not you may be wasting your precious minutes practicing in ways that only ingrain powerful old dysfunctional habits.  You choose...

CS Golf Experience

CS Escape in So Cal

A few good days

And that's putting it mildly... This will be a handful of moons and suns, in an exquisite site in sunny Southern California: the CS Escape at Pauma Valley Country Club in February of next year.  Yoga teacher extraordinaire Ali Matt will part of the experience this year.  Click above for specifics on the escape, and below, for a bit more on Ali.  Secure you spot now, as space is limited.

Your game melting down over the winter like our Mr. Fuller is in that traffic jam above?  Or maybe it happens to you on the first tee, mid-round, or even on the back nine as you dare to shoot your lowest score ever?  I understand - and can help. 

rivate coaching and small group Train2Trust sessions at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club through March 1, then at Eugene Country Club thereafter.


“No one can build you the bridge on which you, and only you, must cross the river of life.”

 -- Nietzsche


          ~ CS ~
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