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Secrets & Fools

It's what we all (apparently) are searching for, right?  The SECRET.  That needle in the haystack that'll instantly get your golf ball to better behave.  The (gold) nugget of info or knowledge that'll change your golfing life forever.  The diamond in the rough that will, well... keep you out of the rough.

The level of vulnerability, gullibility and idiocy, amongst top players and teachers re swing methods, continues to both baffle & astonish me on a daily basis.  Impressionable.  Vulnerable.  Susceptible.  Even with the proof in the pudding right in front of their very eyes...

The Secret

You ready?  Sit down.  Fasten your seat-belt (you need directions for that too, as they still offer on the airplane - like you do from an Orange Box or the like to tell you what's happening at impact?  You already know, don't you?).  Take a deep breath.


There is no secret - that applies to everyone.  That is the secret.

Fantabulous read up top, George Peper's The Secret of Golf.  Haven't read it?  You need to.  Have read it?  Read it again (I do, several times yearly).  Your "what's the latest and greatest swing trend" teacher familiar with it?  He or she needs to be. 

The offering has a plethora of best ways, ideal techniques and 'can't miss' ways.  For somebody.  In a revised edition, you'd have to add Jim Hardy's "One Plane Swing,"  Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer's "Stack & Tilt," and today's latest and greatest - the incomparable George Gankas and "GG Swing Tips," among others. 

You wanna know how to putt?  Check out the offerings by George Low, Bobby Locke and Paul Trevillion.  How to strike it better?  Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson and Jimmy Ballard are there for you.   How best to think?  Timtohy Gallway, Bob Rotella and Chuck Hogan are all available to your psyche. 

But then again: Count Yogi really has the secret. 

Take it all in, and enter your own personal land of confusion... :)
  Yes! Stay curious (and thirsty, my friends), educate, inform and enlighten yourself, and always - ALWAYS - consider the source.

Chain Of Fools

Sista Aretha's album cover, and song, say it all on this topic, don't they now?  Must we all be part of this chain of fools that believes there is one way, some best way du jour, for every humanoid to swing a golf club, and play the game?

Just like there is one God that everyone must pray to.  And one diet that everyone must follow.  And one language everyone must speak.  This, of course, is an endless chain of thought that inevitably creates conflict, chaos and combustion between people.  That, is no secret, is it now?

 You know the routine (and BTW - your routines - pre and post shot, must be unique and beneficial to you, not some Tour model): click above and get yourself a Sunday morn blast of greatness from Ms. Franklin - then c'mon back my way for a dose of reality, sans secrets...

Prove It

I told you her album cover said it all.  The proof, boys & girls, is in the pudding.  Above is the most up-to-date list of the world's best male golfers.  You've seen them all on TV, and/or via a swing clip or two hundred on the Inter-webs. 

Question (this one will take you a while, so pour yourself another cuppa Joe - single origin espresso in my choice, but Folgers Crystals instant might very well be yours): what do all these players do the same (other than manage to get the ball into the hole with remarkable efficiency)?

What's their secret? Well, it's the same one you can uncover: there is an ideal, optimal - best - way to swing, and even play the game (like in life), and it is exclusive to you.  What your physical body is able, or not able, to do.  What you like to see, feel and experience in a round of golf.  How you're wired, internally, philosophically and emotionally.  That is what you, and your golf guide, must acknowledge, accept, and strive for. 

CS Golf Experience

"Oh, one of these mornings
The chain is gonna break"

And I'd be more than happy to help you break yours.  The chain around your neck, wrists and head that some impressible 'swing sheriff' has locked you up in, that is.  Sorry - no secrets from CS - but here's a little insight:

The guru is in you.  Alive.  Maybe not so 'well,' 'cause he or she has been instructed to shut up, lay low, and follow the masses.  Time to let your dazzling self come out and play, isn't it?  

In need of some guidance and direction in this, or some other aspect of this game?  I'm here.  Pumpkin Ridge for another fortnight, then onto my new home at Eugene Country Club. 

Send me a note on if I can help.

“There are no secrets that time does not reveal.”
-- Jean Racine



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