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Back To School

It's time people.  Time to go back to school - golf school, that is.  Spring has sprung, those dusty sticks sitting in the garage are crying (or singing, in Billy Madison's case, above) to come out.  Come out and play. 

Click on my man Adam Sandler in one of his classic roles, then come back thissa way for a thought or two (less, is after all, more) on how his plight might help you with your own...

Next on the 1st tee however, per the smarty-pants at CS HQ in the marketing and sales departments (it is a motley crew, as you can imagine), that school I mentioned:

Back To School with CS

Saturday, April 20, 2019

9 AM to 5 PM

Eugene Country Club, Eugene, OR

Come join me and a handful of others for a one-day golf school. 

Come in a school bus.  Come in a shiny Jaguar.  You know, "to prove to dad (or someone else - perhaps yourself?) that you are no fool" on the links.  Tricky games, these golf and life puzzles, are they not?  You'll see the best on the planet tested next week in Augusta (full CS download following my own annual visit, come the week of April 15), so don't feel like you are alone in the struggle. 

Hence the school scenario.  No - it shant be all s _ _ ts and giggles like above - but you will prosper more in a setting that is enjoyable, and conducive to learning.  How about putting a smile on your face, some performance skills in your motion and head, and a dash of ice in your veins, via proper practice habits (Train2Trust)?

You game? We shall explore, among other, some ideas on...

- How to effectively warm up, and prepare body and mind for a (good) round of golf.
- Functional, effective and pertinent concepts for putting, short game and full swing - for you (not necessarily for your fellow schoolmates).
- Aspects of golf where you are in charge - and things that are out of your control...

The format?  Some structure.  Some randomness.  No 'getting in fights' about rights & wrongs - just helpful guidance for  your golf. 

Your takeaways from the school?

- A clear and simple understanding of what you are doing from a swing and mental pattern standpoint - and a road map for improvement.

- That you shall not leave any dumber or more confused than you were at the start of the day, nor that you were 'wrong' about anything (click on that silly image of me above sporting the big shades, for an unforgettable scene from Billy Madison...). :)


ECC Members: $400

Non-Members: $450

Juniors: $350

Lunch boxes (actually, we will dine in the fab ECC clubhouse), snacks and refreshments provided.  Plus, in the spirit of the season, I shall offer all participants a Nike Golf Polo of their choice (click below to view of the coolio Spring 2019 offerings).

Space is extremely limited; please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Coaching & Guidance


Here to help for private sessions as well.

At Eugene Country Club, or a golf park near you.

"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."

-- Kurt Vonnegut



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