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 "I post, therefore I am"

I had a dream - belated shout out to Dr. Martin Luther King - the other night, where I got paired on the 1st tee with an intriguing - enlightening, actually - fivesome (we play six in my dream world - why not?).  Haven't we all been asked at one point or another who'd we like to tee it with (dead or alive), if we could put together our ultimate group for a walk around the golf park, right?

You?  Who's on that list?  Hogan?  Tiger?  Nicklaus?  Some current-day stud, or studess?  An historical figure?  Other?

Here's who I got teamed with - it's part of the randomness you encounter when you play as a single - yet there's nothing coincidental about who these people are, what they represent, and how they can help us all better navigate the challenges on the links, and in life.  Not to worry, no knock down drag out description or bio of my partners, just a few key words from them, for you to contemplate, and a hashtag to chew on:

#postwithapurpose - ordon'tpostatall. 

Cogito ergo sum in Latin, and je pense, donc je suis in French, is how the quote appeared originally in Descartes' "Discourse on the Method."  Swing methods?  Too damn many, still, 'cause methods sell.  Yet the proof in the proverbial pudding (take a closer look at the best in the world) is: the best way to swing is the way you swing best.  So best find a teacher/guide who respects this idea, and all your perfect imperfections.

René was enjoyable to play with, BTW, just a bit over-analytical at times (too much thinking, not enough feeling), which didn't help his scoring performance. 

Seems in today's world of golf instruction, marketing and biz, it's all about posting, plastering, wherever and whenever you can.  The more, the merrier.

I post, therefore I am.

Pity the weak, the vulnerable, and the impressionable reading, watching and ingesting it all.  They don't know any better, and after all - it's 'free' (can you say: "perceived value?").  Posting, apparently, makes you relevant.  Really?  Relevant in what, and to whom, I ask. 

#postwithapurpose - ordon'tpostatall.

Thankfully someone else in my group was present, for us all:

  Thank you, Mr. Murrow - couldn't have said it better myself - into a radio microphone, or a SM platform.

You see, there is not real criteria for the endless posting, plastering and pandering, is there now?  Other than certain forms of vulgarity and the like (is not bad information vulgar?), everything goes.  It's an open forum; just ask the guy at the end of the bar...

Murrow was a pleasure to swing and stroll with.  Puffing away at his tobacco sticks, so full of honesty and integrity - character standards so sorely missing in today's golf (and big) worlds. 

#postwithapurpose - ordon'tpostatall.

Grow the game, grow your business

Oh yeah - my bad - the intention and gist of it all is about growing one's business, and growing the game.  Roger, gotcha.

But why?  For what purpose?  For what meaning?  For what objective? 

Fortunately, another member of our group spoke up:

Good point, Mr. Abbey.  Grow your business so you can make more greenbacks, buy more useless s _ _ t, then flaunt it to those who have less?  Uh...

Grow the game?  Sure, love the concept - but maybe it's time we look at what shrinks it in the first place.  What if there was higher quality in all? Quality of information & insight.  Quality of connection with those playing the game.  Quality of overall experience at the golf facility. 

How about helping golfers to hit it a little better with simple concepts culled from the oft-complex tech, data and findings?  Helping them to use their practice time (Train2Trust) more wisely, so they have more of said precious time to go make a meaningful difference for someone, or something? 

Abbey was a fantastic golf park roaming partner, BTW.  Far more interested in the natural beauty surrounding him, than the silly ball and stick game.  A lesson for us all in its essence, is it not?

#postwithapurpose - ordon'tpostatall.

More, more, more

Indeed.  The more you post, the better, right?  More indirect revenue.  More direct attention for your starving ego.  More time shooting short-attention span videos, less time face-to-face with human beings seeking basic dialogue, clarification & guidance.

Luckily for me, and the rest of my dreamy motley crew, Bruce Lee joined the party. 

"Little Phoenix" knew it all along, huh?  Hacking through the thick grasses of the unessential, the unimportant, the unnecessary.  In the way you swing the club, the way you play the game, the way you wander the earth.

Maybe it's time you take a step back - as if  caught by one of Lee's signature roundhouse kicks - and reevaluated all you're trying to do.  How about some elementary notions about how to swing the club?  Some ideas you can take to the golf course - not a research laboratory - and play with:

- The radically essential planning and programming that takes place before the motion ever starts. 

- Picturing the ever-essential journey you want your golf ball to take. 

- The oh-so essential physical space you want your club and body to finish in.

Oh, and you shoulda seen Bruce hit it, boys and girls! Talk about fast twitch... Makes Rickie Fowler look like he's stuck in molasses.  Lee applied some of the same 'physics' of his one-inch punch to punching the back of the golf ball with the clubhead.  Speed, my friends, is essential if you want the ball to travel farther, so get that golf club moving faster - back and forth.

In his quintessential minimilistic fashion, Lee played sans shirt and shoes; you, however, likely need some coverings.   Click on the master just above for some offerings from my brethren at Nike Golf. 

#postwithapurpose - ordon'tpostatall.

One out of a Thousand

Ralph was just so grateful to be playing at all.  Like it was the first, or last, time, he'd ever tee it.  His energy (how's yours when you're out there?) was so refreshing.  So positive.  So accepting.

Your attitude, fellow linksters, is vastly more important to your overall performance than is your golf swing.

Mr. Emerson requested that I not place a picture of his mug in this missive, hence the celestial image above.  He told me he's tired of all the selfies being posted for the purposes of ego-craving attention.  The ego (the mask of identity) and its dependency and resentment stemming from the constant seeking of approval from others. 

And Ralph Waldo Emerson was freed up, my oh my!  He swang the club with an envious abandonment, as if the fairways, greens and holes were as vast as the solar system.  Twas liberating to watch... No steer jobs.  No contorted manipulations.  No fear.  Try those on for size next time you're a little 'tied up' with a shot or situation that's out of your comfort zone. 

He also wondered: "If a post should appear but one night every thousand years how man would marvel and adore."  Hmm...

#postwithapurpose - ordon'tpostatall.

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