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The 19th Hole: Santa CS To The Rescue!

Winter solstice is around the corner (mañana) - you complete all your X-Mas shopping?  If not, "mini CS" (just above) has some last minute ideas for you, and the loved golfers in your life...

CS Escape in So Cal

What better offering than a golf and yoga getaway in sunny Southern California?  We've extended the early birdie rate until the end of the year to come join us at luscious Pauma Valley Country Club, February 22-25, 2018.  Yoga teacher extraordinaire Ali Matt will be with us this year, offering pre and post round sessions.  Click above for specifics on this chance to escape, and below, for a bit more on Ali. 
Secure you spot now; space is limited.

Guidance for your Golf

How about a Holiday Gift Certificate for some lessons? 

Remember: Now through December 25, 25% of any lesson purchase will go to
protect our polar bear friends

(check my last missive). 

Your gift, becomes my gift, back. 

1 hour: $140

3 hours: $395

6 hours + 90 minute golf-specific physical eval with Kent Morimatsu at Rokke Performance Therapy: $975

Interested in something other? Let Santa CS know what's on your list - and mind.

Yes, I'll be headed South to Eugene Country Club around March 1 of the new year, but will be available at Pumpkin Ridge until then, and visiting several times in the Summer of 2018.  And, existing students will always be welcome on my new stomping grounds at ECC.

Rest, Move and Breath

You got the memo about how vital it is to performance, mindset and well-being - my little self up top knew all about it - to rest, replenish and unplug a bit daily (can you say "nap?"), right?  That 20 minute power snooze - horizontal, please - even if you don't fall asleep - is a kick-ass way to reset things for your afternoon doings (this length nap is ideal for enhancing alertness and motor learning skills - like golf swing). 

It's not just for toddlers, but us big boys and girls as well.  Longer duration siestas help boost memory, and enhance creativity (your golf game needs that as well).  More science-based info on my pointer-finger-to-mouth pic, up top...

Recommended by my go-to yoga guide Ali Matt, and liked by the planet, the Jade Yoga mat pictured just above (clicky click...) will do your mind, body and soul much good.

Need a little something on which to rest the back of your neck/noggin' whilst taking that load off?  



Puzzles and Mazes

Those of golf - and life.  One ginormous labyrinth more often than not, are they not?  Well here's a coolio hand-forged ball mark from my peeps at Seamus Golf, to help you reflect upon your journey on the links, and beyond.  Click anywhere on the paths above to find this piece, or something similarly chic.

“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day.  Don't clean it up too quickly."

 -- Andy Rooney


          ~ CS ~
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