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Amen.  As I often share: "nothing has been learned until it has been experienced."  So I learned a few moons back when I punctured a lung (don't ask me how - 'cause I don't know..), and my breathing was severely altered.  Rockin' and rollin' now again, but let us take a look at something we all take for granted on the links and in life, yet is so terribly important...


The technical name for the condition (it occurs when air leaks into the space between your lung and chest wall).   And we love technical talk in golf these days, don't we?  COM.  Force vectors.  Pressure trace patterns.  The list goes on... More often than not, those terms are used to impress a student, but like with the image above, they can be incredibly confusing. 

See that thing just above?  No, it's not a 3D Mo Cap swing sequence taken from above or below -  it's a rare CS selfie!  Face on view if you will, with a CT scan showing a black bubble of air above my right lung.  Not supposed to be there - so the docs shoved a tube in my chest for a few days to empty it.  Hunky dory now, and a nouveau appreciation of our life force, the breath. 

Breathe Motherf _ _ _er!

  Not my tag line, amigos, but that of Wim Hof, "The Iceman."  And it's not meant to offend you, but rather save you - and even improve your performance in the links (that's why you're here, right?).  How so?  Chew on this threesome:

- Gratitude.  For the privilege you have to even play this game, and breathe the fresh air.  Many are not so fortunate, yet we take for granted these luxuries, do we not?  Until, perhaps, they are taken away, not by our choice... Next time you hit a loose one - oh, it'll happen - take in a blast of cold from Wim and remember how damn lucky you are to be walking, swinging and breathing upon the links.

- Meaningfulness over Money.  Wim's making some greenbacks on his programs - but that was not his original intention.  Rather, after his first wife committed suicide due to depression, he firmly believed (and science is now backing it up) the breathing and cold exposure experiences he espouses can treat or help alleviate symptoms of such illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, diabetes, clinical depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and even cancer.

- Pre shot.  So much chatter about pre-shot routines (different things work for different people), have you forgotten to breathe, boys and girls?  Yeah, I know - you are breathing all the time - yet often not in a fashion that is preparing your mind/body system to perform at its optimal.  Click on "The Iceman" above for a simple and incredibly powerful daily breathing technique, then consider adding the following to your pre-swing prep:

- Take a deep breath in through your nose (a whole new world for you mouth breathers, eh?) Feel your belly expand and the air go upwards towards your lungs. 

- Hold for a brief instant, or more.

- Gently exhale through the nose or mouth, for the same amount of time.

- 3 times to if you're feeling antsy, otherwise once, just before you pull the trigger.

Coaching & Guidance


You know what else is underrated?  Proper guidance and feedback in your golf game.  Sure, you can find a plethora of info & ideas on-line in 2019 - but have our smatterers of oft-questionable content ever actually seen you swing a club, or play the game?

I'd be happy to...  At Eugene Country Club, or at a golf park near you.


"Breathing in, I'm aware of my heart.  Breathing out, I smile to my heart and know that it is still functioning normally.
I feel grateful for my heart."

- - Thich Nhat Hanh

          ~ CS ~
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