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Two tickets to you know where...

Paradise, of course, fellow brothers & sisters of the links, and planet earth.  Or in an isolated room ('cause you've got the deadly Ebola virus) taking a college entrance exam, as in the case of Claude Mabowa, pictured above. 

You know the story?  And what about your story - or at least the one you tell yourself day in, and day out - re your golf, and life? Those oh-so brutal trials and tribulations in the golf park, and on those daily sidewalks.  A real struggle at times, n'est-ce pas? Or so it seems - until you snap out of the virus that may surely be plaguing you - a trance like malaise, with symptoms including entitlement, whining and lack of gratitude...

Shout out to our man Eddie Money who passed into his paradise Friday last, and young Mr. Mabowa (that's powder sprinkled around his head, FYI, a tradition when passing this exam; what is your tradition - a physical act that anchors a positive emotion - after hitting a good shot?) for passing his test in 'precarious conditions.' And you thought bad weather was tough to play in?

You know the routine, friends: click above, catch a fab earful, then blast back this way for some thoughts on how the song's lyrics, and a young man positioned behind a protective window in Africa, can help you in your quest for betterment on the golf course.

"Got a surprise especially for you,
Something that both of us have always wanted to do"

Mabowa’s mother had died of Ebola, and he told the AP in July that her greatest hope was that he would attend college. That requires passing the secondary school baccalaureate, or “bac."

“I was afraid that I was sick and that I was going to miss the exams, but fortunately the Ebola treatment center officials had appealed for me to take the exams,” he said. “I had already lost six members of our family, including my mother, who asked me to continue with studies because that is the key to life.”

CS: You?  "Afraid" when you step onto the golf course?  Of what? Hitting a lose one, feeling frustration, or shooting a high number?  Time to put your first-world big boy or girl pants on, people. You are out chasing a ball with a stick in a park, dude above lost a six-some of family members, and many are fighting for their mere survival..

Claude had a fantastic 'surprise especially' for his deceased mother when he passed the exam - that something that 'both of them had always wanted them to do...'

Oh, those surprises?  You think they're just for others on the links, and since you've done all your planning an prep, one (or more) won't come bite you in the ass during a round?  Think again - the dastardly duo of chaos & unpredictability are constant companions, waiting for any and all occasions to rear their heads.

My Train2Trust sessions are geared to help you expect nothing and prepare for everything; you game?
Click below for specifics.

"I've got two tickets to paradise,
Won't you pack your bags, we'll leave tonight"

Claude Mabowa will be packing his bags for another paradise, the University of Kisangani, where he hopes to study political science.  Uh... what's the big deal, you ask (whaa... no filthy rich parents paying others off so their spoiled offspring can go party heartily at an upscale educational institution?)?

CS: Per Claude:
"Being sick in an Ebola center, most people do not come back but also many people lose hope of living."  Wow. 

You getting 'sick' of playing at your regular, mediocre, level?  Wonder why you're stuck in such a rut?  Losing hope of improving?  Then isn't it time you packed your bags for something outside your comfort zone (but beware, you'll more than likely go backwards, before forwards) and walk boldly out of your isolation center of golf stagnation, and into something better?  'Tis your choice, after all...

Claude Mabowa found a school official willing to proctor the exam as he took it safely behind a window. The papers were passed to him without touching him.  After finishing, he held the pages up one by one to the window so they could be photographed with a smartphone and then emailed to officials for scoring.  Then his work and his pencil were incinerated.

CS: Wow (back 9 version)... talk about focus, commitment and dedication.  You with your golf game - or just lip service? Your claims rapidly incinerated 'cause you're more interested in some Intereweb-based quick fix offered up by a self-proclaimed (#considerthesource) expert looking to fatten his pockets?  Instantaneous improvement? 

Lemme guess: you want someone to splash pixie dust on your head like Claude's friends did to celebrate his accomplishment - and PRESTO CHANGO - new swing pattern, more clubhead speed, and mental toughness, right?  Hmm... talk about a deadly virus (of misinformation..).

Instead, how about a legit physical, golf swing & game assessment followed by a specific-to-you road map to betterment? Interested?  There's hope boys and girls - but don't take my word for it - rather that of one Claude Mabowa:

“After Ebola there is life"
 I'm here to help.

“Paradise is where I am"

-- Voltaire



          ~ CS ~
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