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Christmas is CANCELLED: Santa is busy...

Like most everyone I encounter in this day and age: "I'm busy."  But not CS - nope, I'm just sitting around on my skinny ass eating bon bons studying the daily cloud formations.  You? 

Nod to Farley Katz and the New Yorker for the Santa funny above, yet this busyness epidemic engulfing us all ain't so humorous.  And: funny (or not) how many humans do find the the time for things that benefit only them (immediately getting back via SMS or email regarding that tee time at some hoity toity golf club?), and are based in greed & selfishness, huh?

Well, so what if Santa was too busy with his 'own stuff' up North, and just couldn't send and share his spirit this Holiday season?  Beard or not, that'd be a shame, a real mistake...

CS Santa to the rescue!

Shout out to longtime amigo and student CH (although he - like many of you - does get easily sidetracked with the glut of golf-related info slithering around in every available corner of the world wide web) for his suggestion on a  "CS Christmas Wish List" - some legit items for those looking to improve their golfing experience.  So, boys & girls, naughty & nice, hackers & + indexers, voilà a fivesome (always allowed on my golf playground) of options, with more to follow in the next few days (when I'm not so busy...:)):

"When, what to my wondering eyes should appear"

Well, a pair of items from the pic above, taken a few weeks back when I was making the rounds with my brethren at the Nike Golf Clubhouse:

1. Nike Lunar Vapor Storm shoes.  Santa's choice for the less-than-perfect conditions in his hood up North (click above to find your size & style)

2. That's the legendary Mike Taylor pictured just to my right.  He builds clubs like no one else.  Period.  Pedigree?  None better.  Suffice to ask the fellow with his mouth wide open just above me (that's the original TW logo on the long-sleeve piece I'm sporting, if you were wondering).  MT has started his own company, Artisan Golf TX - @artisangolftx on Instagram & FB.  A couple of 'tastes' below...


"A wink of his eye and a twist of his head"

3. "Be A Player" by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott.  There's a lot more to this game than just how you swing that stick - did you not get the memo?  This will help.


4. "Whip it Good"

Love these products - so simple and effective - for so many things.  Warm up?  Check.  Transition and kinematic sequence?  Roger.  Conversation piece at a dull Holiday cocktail party?  Definitely. 

Oh...did you really think you were going to get through this missive without some Christmas music?  Nope.  Well, not exactly: but go ahead and click on the title of this fourth offering and check out the nonsensical video from the boys of Devo.  Might make those dysfunctional family scenes around this time of the year seem a little more... uh... normal. 

"In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there"

5. One-on-one guidance with me.

How about a Holiday Gift Certificate for some time on the lesson tee or golf course with yours truly?  Discover and address the causes of your golfy perfect imperfections, then find some remedies for improvement.  Yes, I'll be headed to Eugene Country Club around March 1 of next year, but will be available at Pumpkin Ridge until then; and, you or a loved one will always be welcome to take the short sleigh ride South for a visit. 

Single or multiple hours of instruction, or the opportunity to combine a physical assessment with movement specialist and physical therapist Kent Morimatsu.

Let Santa CS know what you want.

CS Escape in So Cal

What better gift than a few days of sun and warmth beneath the pristine hills of Pauma Valley Country Club?  This CS Escape is fast approaching - February, 2018 - in fact.  Yoga teacher extraordinaire Ali Matt will part of the experience this year.  Click above for specifics on the escape, and below, for a bit more on Ali.  Secure you spot now, as space is limited.


“Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.”

 -- Pindar


          ~ CS ~
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