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Take 5

As in five minutes - or thereabouts (stop trying to be so perfect with your golf, golf swing, and daily doings..) - during your practice sessions (Train2Trust, please), as well as your blessed wanderings as an earthling. 

How about a blast of musical genius before we proceed with some offerings to help guide you with your ball & stick game, courtesy of the Dave Brubeck Quartet (composed by Paul Desmond).  Click above, close your eyes for a few moments, and listen.  

Emotions, Gratitude and Rest

A powerful trio indeed - and you thought it was all about hitting it further, distance control with your irons and sharpening that short game for lower scores...

Allow me to elaborate & enlighten on the three elements above the image of Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna (AH... lessons aplenty there my friends - acknowledge and accept the feelings of shock, grief, and loss that may hit you like a freight train when viewing and reflecting on the tragedy - then get on with your work, growth & evolution as a golfer and human being; Mamba would).


Even in the few minutes you've perused this missive, you may very well have gone from rhythm, bliss and peace (thank you again Dave Brubeck and team), to sadness, unfairness & despair (Kobe and his daughter).  Rollercoasteresque, as can be the scenario on the golf course.  I understand.  And you must understand that these emotions are OK (part of the human condition), fleeting, and of tremendous value to you on the links. 

How so? First off, recognize and embrace the feeling - don't run away from it.  If the emotion brings you energy - anger or frustration can do this, channel it for your own benefit.  Allow it to increase your focus, determination, and resolve; Mamba would. 

Some feeling robbing you of your precious life energy - an energy vampire per se? Turned you into a victim, complaining about bad breaks, conditions, or other such pieces that are out of your control? Pushed your head down, slumped your shoulders, and taken the skip out of your step (physical posture is hugely important for the mind/body system..)? 

Flip the switch, amigos - you are in charge.  Straighten up.  Snap out of whiny mode.  Put your big boy and girl pants on; Mamba would. 


YOU are amongst the  living wandering the the links, and spaceship earth; others are not so lucky.  Their round has been terminated, suddenly or other.  YOU are playing a game in the great out-of-doors, many are toiling to put food on the table in less-than-picturesque conditions.   YOU have the opportunity to help others less fortunate.  MLK Day recently passed: you walking the Reverend's walk, or (trash) talking the talk, without action? 


Kobe Bryant was, among other things, one of the greatest athletic 'practicers' of all time.  The Ben Hogan of roundball.  His legendary work ethic was infused with science, tech and savvy.  The desire for constant improvement.  Efficient.  Targeted.  Effective.  And rest and recovery were fundamental parts of his performance potion. 

Alas, those remain 'lost' elements of heightened achievement.  Human beings turned into human doings in this day and age... Incessant activity at the cost of quality.  More as opposed to less and better.  Self guilt affliction - fear of being viewed as 'lazy?') - for taking 5, from time to time when necessary. 

The science of learning, and newer findings in neuroscience tell us differently re optimizing retention, integration and transfer of golf skills, and other.  Pausing, stepping away and resting, for approximately five minutes after highly focused training or practice, expedites the learning process.

How come?  You thought hitting more balls would lead to more learning? Think again - especially if you are practicing the wrong things, the wrong way, void of feedback (shame on you for wasting your precious minutes in this existence on such cockamamy).

The brain and central nervous systems - the parts of 'you' that are doing the learning (not your muscles) - need time to process, digest and assimilate what it is you are doing.  It's why cognitive engagement  (focus, concentration and elevated awareness) are so vital to effective training as well - in contrast with mindless, rote, ridiculous repetition. 


Are you in need of some guidance in all of these aspects, and others? I'm here for you.   Observing you play.  Screening you for physical restrictions (perhaps a recommended movement specialist) that will dictate how best for you to swing (and giving corrective exercises).  Viewing & deciphering your stats and helping with an effective practice game plan.  A consistent, competent and on-going feedback loop.

I will be offering such coaching services - and much of this can be done remotely & digitally - to a select few beginning next month.

Interested?  Shoot me a note.  Specifics coming to your digital worlds very soon...

"The trouble is you think you have time"

-- Buddha



          ~ CS ~
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