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Caravans.  Compassion.  Condemnation.  Cowardice.  Courage.

The "C's" roll on... tis the season - and the trend.  Did you not get the memo?  The same one that is having every human golfer violently rotate their pelvis, radically flatten the shaft, to somehow produce a fantastically square face and on-plane delivery of the clubhead to the backside of the ball, in the forward motion. So silly...

What say you, oh-noble wanderers of the golfing realms (you one of many seeking asylum from the cockamamies being plastered all over your SM screens?), might that fivesome of "C's" have to do with you bettering those walkabouts on the links? 

Quite a bit, actually. But first - click above on the caravan above for what is so sorely needed in the golf instruction world, and elsewhere: Dialogue, facts & humor. 

The group marching North, pictured above, isn't laughing, however.  These 'invaders' (really?) are simply looking for a better way of life - much like you may be looking for better 'behavior' from your golf ball, and better performances in the games of golf, and life.

So.............  which is it when you consider the earthly brothers and sisters above, and the treatment of yourself on-course - specifically after (yet another) less-than-perfect result?  Compassion, or condemnation?  Remember: you are in charge, so you get to choose.

Self-critic alive and well?  I understand, and so does Adam Phillips, English psychoanalytical writer:

"This self-critical part of ourselves, Phillips points out, is 'strikingly unimaginative' — a relentless complainer whose repertoire of tirades is so redundant as to become, to any objective observer, risible and tragic at the same time:

Were we to meet this figure socially, as it were, this accusatory character, this internal critic, we would think there was something wrong with him. He would just be boring and cruel. We might think that something terrible had happened to him. That he was living in the aftermath, in the fallout of some catastrophe. And we would be right."

Amen.  Relentless complainer.  Boring and cruel.  Survivor (view link at bottom, under quotation, to meet a true survivor) of some catastrophe.  Recognize this pitiful character (no, not the one below - the one inside you)?  I think we all do at times - and you can bang some mental coconuts together to change the scenario:

"Answer me these questions three," the bridge-keeper asks our noble caravaners later in the Holy Grail.  My turn, for your sake, on the links:

1.  Did you do your very best (no - not just try - DO)?  Plan, focus as befits you, and give it your all?  Or, did you go at it half-assedly, 'hoping' the ball and the round were going to mythically cooperate?

2.  Did you trust and follow your gut, your instinct, your intuition - or did you abide by some supposed smarty-pants' rules, regulations & rigamarole?

3.  Why do you play the game in the first place?  Bragging rights re your low index?  Nourish the narcissist?  Or to relish the walk in the countryside (the golf course, people), the camaraderie, or the challenge to self?

Play Time


That's your mind up top.  Conscious above the water (10%), subconscious (90%) below.  Guess who must show up when it's time to make a swing?  Yep, the underwater majority.  

Sure, let the conscious do the pre-shot part, it's great at gathering the 'logical' pieces, assessing the conditions, and the like.  But then - it's clueless.  Never actually done anything, yet it remains so horribly critical.  Cowardly, in fact.  

More from Adam Phillips:

"Conscience … it is the part of our mind that makes us lose our minds; the moralist that prevents us from evolving a personal, more complex and subtle morality; that prevents us from finding, by experiment, what may be the limits of our being.  That conscience makes cowards of us all because it is itself cowardly. We believe in, we identify with, this starkly condemnatory and punitively forbidding part of ourselves; and yet this supposedly authoritative part of ourselves is itself a coward."


Turns out the cowardly lion had, somewhere deep inside, the same quality as our Central American walkers: Courage. 

Do you?  The courage to put out there what you want from your golf game (and life)?  The courage to take action to seek out, then achieve,  those things?  The courage to be accountable for the choices you make personally & professionally?  Or, are you too running around with your tail betwixt your legs, pretending, posing, pandering - hoping to be led to a Wizard who will gift you something you already have? 

Dr. Debbie Crews and I can help you in the discovery, and process. 

Excel Under Pressure, Take Charge, Lead

Attend a 2, 3 or 4 day experience to Better Your Best® with Dr. Debbie Crews
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BETTER YOUR BEST® is a mental performance system designed by Dr. Crews that compliments your technical training. We train you to excel at performing under pressure. It is a science-based system designed to help you find and achieve the “zone” through the use of an in depth evaluation tool, accompanying cross-training activities, and a mental training piece that will propel you to excellence!  
Christopher Smith's pre, post and on-course coaching compliment the Better Your Best program. Specifically: what to focus on and pay attention to in warm-up (mind set, conditions and swing technique), attitude, routines and strategies during the round, and how to assess post-golf for continued progress in the process of improvement.                   

Schedule and Options

Better Your Best: 

Saturday, December 1, 9 AM - 4 PM: Archery & Horses 
Sunday December 2,  9 AM - 4 PM: Putting, Golf Course 
Optional days for play, and on-course instruction and coaching:

Friday, November 30, 1 PM-ish at Raven Golf Club
Monday December 3, 9 AM-ish at We Ko Pa Golf Club


Includes BYB training, hotel, green fees, on-course instruction, most meals and transportation. 

2-day package (12/1 & 12/2): $1,400.00 
3-day package (11/30-12/2):  $2,200.00 
4-day package (11/30- 12/3):  $2,650.00 


Tempe Mission Palms

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Off-Season Guidance

The "foul weather" months here in the NW are the ideal time to improve mind, body and golf swing.  Then, when Spring 2019 rolls around, you can go and just send it.

Need some ideas?  Some direction?  Some goals?  I'm available at Eugene Country Club - or at your facility in warmer climes if need be...

“Instead of putting others in their place, put yourself in their place.”

(like this young man's...)

-- Amish Proverb


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