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Red, White & Jackie Blue

Happy early 4th, my fellow Americans.  Who better to ring it in than our boys from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, with their classic from the mid 70's, Jackie Blue. 

You know the routine (do you have a pre, and post, shot routine, BTW - one that actually serves and benefits you?): click on the album cover up top, raise volume to a pleasing height, close lenses to the world for short few moments, then come back my way for some insight on how the lyrics & notes you've absorbed can guide you to better performance on your upcoming golf picnics...

And a firecracker of a "merci" to another Jackie - Jacky Casanova ( - and his golf & travel partner in crime, Boris Riebenberg (, for their kindness and hospitality in having me partake recently on yet another golf boondoggle extraordinaire.  Some images to follow for your viewing pleasure, click on their links above to come join on a future adventure...
"Ooh, Jackie Blue
Hides a smile when she's wearin' a frown
Lives her life from inside of her room
Ooh, Jackie you're not so down"

What about you?  Living your golf practice life inside of a room - a sterile space comprised of perfectly flat surfaces (on artificial turf, of course - no bad lies there..), screens that spit out questionable projections of data, and void of hazards, consequence, or climatic conditions that affect the voyage of your ball?  Isn't that comfy...  But what happens when you get out into a real golf park (Tamarina in Mauritius pictured above)... your smile turn into a frown 'cause all that training you've been doing doesn't transfer? 

I understand.  It's why I created the Train2Trust programs - to help your practice transfer to when & where it counts, and last.  What a concept, eh?  Context specificity, otherwise knows as state dependent memory (whisper out to Cate S. for this addition), is a key part of efficient, effective practice.  But wait...  maybe you have time to waste?

And all that hiding... From being accountable in your life, and on the links.  Hiding from the shots, clubs and situations that bug, bother or hinder you from learning, growing and evolving?  Wearing that phony smile, when the golf Gods (and all those around you), know better?  Leveraging others - especially the wealthy & well-connected - for selfish, personal benefit?

"Don't try to tell me that you're not aware
Of what you're doing and that you don't care"

Click below for more specifics on the tenets of Train2Trust - then come join me soon for a school, or 90 minute gathering at Eugene Country Club.

"Every day, in your indigo eyes
I watch the sunset but I don't see it rise"

Some indigo in the wonderful waters seen above, pic taken from high atop Le Morne Brabant, a eponymous basaltic monolith.  Impressed by my lingo (translation: a mountain of sorts, boys and girls)? It's what so many self-anointed smarty-pants golf teachers are choosing to do today: spew fancy words, concepts and the like, designed to wow you, rather than help facilitate learning.  As golf guides our role must be to nurture the internal models of our heroes (you, the student), rather than to impose our ways, beliefs or preferred models.

Talk about missing the sunrise...

"Ooh, Jackie Blue
What's a game girl, if you never lose?
Ask a winner and you'll probably find
Ooh, Jackie they've lost at sometime"

Amen.  What is a game if you never lose - and what fun is anything, really, if it's easy?  Like posting, plastering and pandering on SM channels and the Interwebs... What talent, skill or hard work does it take to push a button/key with content and legitimacy that may come from... the end of the earth?

That is the end of the earth on the southernmost tip of Africa just above.  The Cape of Good Hope. 

Or is it...???

Like with information swirling around the waters of golf, and golf swing, it's critical to fact check.  The only things worse than no information are bad information, and too much information.  Alas, where are the gatekeepers when we need them?

Re this Cape:

A common misconception is that the Cape of Good Hope is the southern tip of Africa.  This oopsie (like where clubhead speed comes from primarily...) was based on the misbelief (like trying to turn your pelvis & torso faster to create speed) that the Cape was the dividing point between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. 

Contemporary geographic knowledge instead states ('contemporary' 3D-based golf swing studies show that swinging your arms faster - back & forth - is the primary speed producer) the southernmost point of Africa is Cape Agulhas, about 150 kilometers to the east-southeast.  If you'd look at a map (a scientific and factual rendition of the planet), it would be quite apparent - like with so much in golf. 

The currents (think trends in golf swing instruction, designed primarily to put $$ in someone's pocket- not to help you play better, sorry) of the two oceans meet at the point where the warm-water Agulhas current meets the cold-water Benguela current - and turns back on itself (what you need to consider when the next latest & greatest swing technique washes up on your shore). 

That oceanic meeting point fluctuates between Cape Aghula and Cape Point.  Fluctuates, people - like you do as a human being every day you show up at the golf park.  Your physical body.  Your mind and spirit.  Your vision and biochemistry.  And so much more... Oh, and the 'playing field' (the golf course) itself?  Ever-morphing, never the same conditions (unlike that room you've been practicing in).  You looking for consistency and sameness each and every time you step foot into the golf park?  Better set sail into the wild blue yonder, for all is in constant flux...

Like asking a winner - you'll find they've lost at sometime - you best be ready, willing and able to adjust and adapt to the golfing adventure awaiting you. 

Coaching & Guidance

You game?  Ready to win (and lose)?  I'm here for you...

Train2Trust guided practice sessions in July, 2019:

Saturday, July 13, 10:00 - 11:30 AM

Saturday, July 27, 10:00 - 11:30 AM

Plus: individual and small group guidance at Eugene Country Club, or a facility near you.

"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

-- Gloria Steinem



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