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Stupiderer Questions

Or are they brilliant, in disguise?  Have you bothered to ask some sincere questions about the legitimacy, accuracy and real golf-life (on the course, under the gun - not off of some perfectly flat artificial surface with zero consequence...) applications of the current-day methods, tools and technology?  You know - the pieces you are opting to use in favor of the technology within YOU? 


Breaking January 2018 news, courtesy of Inspector Clouseau, bien sûr!  Don't miss the videos to follow: the smile on your face, chuckle from you heart and gut, and immediate upbeat change in your emotions (what you are in dire need of so often on the links) are indeed priceless, contagious, and healing - and what follows packs a punch when it comes to what you ought to be asking...

The guru is in you - not hiding, waiting to be deciphered or filtered by your self-anointed inspector, uh.... I mean, coach, in some plug and play box, blue-lit screen or wanna-be dinner place-mat under your feet.

"What sort of stupid question is that, are you blind?"

And are you so blind you need a battery-powered device designed to track weather patterns to inform you (hell, even the monkey pictured above could tell you the 'whys' and 'hows' of your golf ball's flight) that your ball started a bit too far to the left or right of the target, that there was a tad too much spin (did you not notice the ball reacting like a helium balloon - or were you and your 'teacher' too transfixed on the graphics on your mini TV?), and that it went a smidgen shorter or further than expected? 

"Are YOU blind or something?"

Less stupiderer questions:

1. "What is causing my golf ball to behave as it is?

2. "
Does your 'golf instructor' have a "lycehnse?"  You know, like knowledge, background and experience in motor learning (that's your golf swing) and human performance?  Or some level of playing pedigree (just make sure they are not trying to get you to swing like they do...)?  Or # of sheer hours spent on a lesson tee, studying how people learn, and/or guiding players to improvement?

"Does your deugh bite?"

Oui, mes amis - it's time to start asking better questions - and to individuals who aren't reefing on the heavy stuff... And just because someone has bunch of initials after their name, doesn't mean they are savvy when it comes to the gist of this fantastically quirky game: get the ball in the hole as soon as possible and enjoy the ride.

* Less stupiderer question: "What specifically do I need to do (not everyone and their proverbial dueghs)  - and what can I do, physically, and with limited time - to play a little better and enjoy the walk more?"

YOU are not some Tour player, some average, or some optimal.  You are a broken (aren't we all?), beautiful one-off, who has the unique ability to swing a golf club and play the game in a way that works best for you.  You, after all - special.  But don't take it from Johnny-Golf-Pro CS, take it from the irrefutable intellect of Stephen Hawking:

"We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star.
But we can understand the Universe.  That makes us something very special."



"Do you know the way to the Palace Hotel?"

Be careful what you ask for re your golf - and in that other game - life.  Modern-day club fitting sessions are frequently turning into long-drive contests.  Some smarty-pants master measurer armed with the latest and greatest apparatus might know the way to the Palace Hotel (your golfing Valhalla), but can he or she get you there?  And, you - like Clouseau - are already armed with the most sophisticated measuring mechanism in this Universe, the human mind/body/spirit system; did a monkey take your memo?

Sure, hitting the nugget a little further would most likely benefit us all, but at what cost?  Did you notice the dispersion?  What about look, feel and energy of the stick in your hand (important pleasures as well of this pastime - n'est-ce pas?)?  Those jacked-up irons you just bought (to one-up your playing partners, probably...) go too far sometimes?  How's the view from over the green, anyway?  A fantastic recipe for a big number, usually.

* Less stupiderer question: "Could you please show me the way to playing better golf, shooting lower scores, and/or having a richer experience?" 

"Follow that car!"

Be careful what you say, how you say it, and what you ask of others.  That means YOU - my teacher/coach/instructor brethren - and YOU fellow humanoids, to act in kind, compassionate and selfless ways.  The role of an effective & helpful golf guide is to cull through the plethora of options bombarding us all, and present simple, functional and do-able activities for the student. 

* Less stupiderer question: "What do I really need to do to get the golf ball from point A, to point B, more effectively?"

CS Escape in So Cal

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"Whoever said there is no such thing as a stupid question never looked carefully at a standardized test,"

 -- Alfie Kohn

          ~ CS ~
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