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Silver Bells, Silver Bells - And Silver Linings

The classic yuletide tune from the inimitable crooner, Bing Crosby.  Click above to take a three-minute, closed-eye & open-eared pause out of your potentially hectic day before Christmas Eve, and think about how good you've truly got it...

Silver Linings

Yep, you got it good - really good - but I bet you don't got it as good as Jim Hunt.  You know, Jim Hunt the golfer, the chap born with no legs below his knees, and no arms below his elbows.  That Jim Hunt.

Here's what you could offer CS for Christmas, should you be so inclined: watch the video above, then come back my way for a few moments.  The clip? Motivating?  Inspiring?  Real?  Yes, and beyond.

The Three Kings

The three wise men above showed up bearing gifts around this time of the year.  Well, so is Jim Hunt.  His 'disability' a misfortune? Ha ha ha - Ho ho ho!  Silver linings, really:

- The Gold: "The word 'can't' wasn't part of our vocabulary growing up; I wasn't allowed to give up." 

What's part of your vocabulary - inner (self talk) or outer (in front of your playing partners) - when you play a round of golf?  My hunch is it brings you to your knees, like our king to the left... Place these three words into your vocabulary and see what miracles might just arise:

Thankfulness (for the mere opportunity to play this game)

Empathy (for yourself when you've tried your best, and things just don't work out)

Resilience (ever feel like just quitting? Jim doesn't)

- The Frankincense: "My hands and feet don't get cold." 

Sucks when that happens, huh? Makes it hard to feel the club, and so miserable to walk (most of you have the luxury of being able to walk - did you forget?) around.  Poor you and me... or not.

- The Myrrh: "I don't stub toes."

I'm chuckling as I blend these letters and spaces together on my keyboard - 'cause I do that all the time, and it irks me more than yanking a short putt! And next time it happens, my pain will trigger an emotion of gratitude - for having feet and toes!  Yep, I'm going to make that choice, just as you can choose how to react & respond to everything that happens to you on the links, and in your daily doings. 

Sure, there's some 'reprogramming' necessary, but that remarkable piece of technology (far superior to anything you might get from 'ole St. Nick (I'm telling you...) known as you mind/body system is ready, willing and able.  Repeat after me, boys and girls: Neuroplasticity.  Adaptability.  Malleability.  'Tis not only the season - but the time in your life to grow, learn, and evolve.

CS Escape in So Cal

What better offering than a golf and yoga getaway in sunny Southern California?  We've extended the early birdie rate to the end of the year, so why not come join us at luscious Pauma Valley Country Club, February 22-25, 2018?  Yoga guide Ali Matt will be with us, offering pre and post round classes.  Click above for specifics on this chance to escape, and below, for a bit more on Ali. 
Secure you spot now; space is limited.

Guidance for your Golf

How about a Holiday Gift Certificate for some lessons? 

Remember: Now through December 25, 25% of any lesson purchase will go to
protect our polar bear friends

(per a previous missive). 

Your gift, becomes my gift, back. 

1 hour: $140

3 hours: $395

6 hours + 90 minute golf-specific physical eval with Kent Morimatsu at Rokke Performance Therapy: $975

Interested in something other? Let Santa CS know what's on your list - and mind.

Yes, I'll be headed south down I-5 to Eugene Country Club around March 1 of the new year, but will be available at Pumpkin Ridge until then, and visiting several times in the Summer of 2018.  And, existing students will always be welcome at my new home at ECC.

"Players with fight never lose a game, they just run out of time."

 -- John Wooden


          ~ CS ~
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