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A term used to describe the traits, ways and mannerisms of the big kitty cat pictured above.  Powerful predators that kill by puncturing skulls with their tremendous bite, jaguars reign over both ecosystems and mythologies.   They've managed to survive (can you say resilience) in an age when poaching and habitat loss are the norm. 
So what does this feline have to do with your golf (and life) game, you may ask?  Quite a bit, actually.  Read on (click on our spotted pal above to peruse the entire article), absorb, and learn...
The Jaguar
  Perhaps more than any of its Panthera kin, it’s a triple threat, extremely adept at swimming, climbing trees, and roaming the land.
The Golfer
How's your triple threat?  You know - the three most important sticks in your bag: driver (or whatever you hit off the tee), putter, and wedge.  If you are deficient with any one of those clubs, it's costing you strokes.  Period.  Think: survival in the golf park.  Enough already trying to perfect those long irons (carry hybrids, anyway, please); become more proficient with the most vital tools in your bag and watch the numbers on your scorecard go down.
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The Jaguar
Those who have studied jaguars say they sense a kind of preternatural consciousness in the beasts, a combination of disciplined energy and shrewd awareness that allows the jaguar to unleash its power in calculated ways.
The Golfer
How 'bout you on the links?  Are you present, mindful and totally aware of the conditions, situation and environment?  Or, are you distracted by some entity out of your control, or wondering why all your 'skill building' off of perfect lies with zero consequence hasn't transferred to the golf course - or translated into lower scores?  Silly humans: even a wild animal could tell you that context specificity (a tenet of my Train2Trust programs) is the most critical aspect to practice and training...
And your precious energy: how are you managing it?  In a disciplined way à la the jaguar, so your feelings and emotions are feeding (anticipation, excitement and even anger) you energy, as opposed to robbing (negativity/pessimism, complaining/pouting, depressed/down) you of it?  
The Jaguar
The jaguar is adaptive, it’s smart, it’s resilient.
The Golfer
Well - are you? Or, are you 'stuck' in your ways, unable to adapt & adjust when it's game-time?   Constantly thrown for a loop  when things don't go your way (it is a game after all, boys and girls...)?  Embrace a sideways turn of fortune, unlucky break or bounce (how soon we tend to forget all the positive ones, eh?) - or lament it and allow it to disrupt what follows?   I understand; and there's hope and help...
The Jaguar
The Ese'Eja, the indigenous people of the isolated Candamo Valley ("the last rain-forest without humans," as it is nicknamed) in Peru, say that the jaguar only shows himself to you when you are ready to see him.
The Golfer
You ready? To see yourself as you truly are, as a golfer (and human being)?  Take the blindfold off? What's holding you back (body & mind) - and how to move forward?  I'm here for you, with guidance as need be.

At my home base of Eugene Country Club, or in your hood, should you prefer.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

-- Robert H. Schuller



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