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Gifts of Solstice, Seth & SNL

The shortest day of the year just sped by, did you catch it?  Observe and embrace it - like when you arrive to your golf ball after a crushed and center-cut drive, and find it in a less-than-perfect lie? Or bemoan the lack of light and long hours of darkness?

I understand.  'Tis time ('tis the season, after all) you paused for a moment, accept, pay attention to, and ponder all you do not control in your daily doings, and during that stroll in the golf park...

- 'Tis that never-ending night time's invitation for lengthy slumbering, boys & girls.  Rest.  Repose  Rumination.  Reconnect to your human being; shut down your human doing.

- 'Tis the beginning of the season we call winter.  Are you ready to begin something new - better, improved, evolved - in yourself as a golfer, and earthling?

- 'Tis an utterly different experience for all... Rocking and grogging celebration in many über-northerly locales, yet the longest day of the year south of equator.  Take a step back - as you must when uncertain about the line of a putt, which shot to play, or club to select - and put yourself in the shoes of another for a change.  Such a healthy and oft-gratifying maneuver...

Seth-ism on SM

Some holiday insight from my man Seth Godin below, clad in his Christmas green sweater, above.  Food for thought when choosing an individual to lead you on a prosperous golf (and life?) journey...

Oh, come all ye faithful - more time for reflection:


"Is popular the same as good?

Is popular possible?

Is popular your goal?

There are tens of thousands of humans spending their days trying to be popular on Instagram, buying outfits, wearing hats and seeking their version of cute. People from all backgrounds and genders, hoping to be the next Kardashian.

Facebook is filled with anonymous bots seeking to be popular.

The highest-paid YouTuber this year was an 8-year old kid.

And Twitter is the center of the politi-sphere, with each self-made pundit seeking to outdo the others.

Billions of hours spent by millions, mostly for free, to enrich a few social media platforms.

The lessons of the high school lunch table run deep.

Part of the scam is that the pyramid scheme of attention will somehow pay off for a lot of people. It won’t. It can’t. The math doesn’t hold up. Someone is going to win a lottery, but it probably won’t be us.

And a bigger part is that the things you need to do to be popular (the only metric the platforms share) aren’t the things you’d be doing if you were trying to be effective, or grounded, or proud of the work you’re doing.

When there’s a single metric (likes/followers), we end up looking in the rear-view mirror when we should be driving instead.

Maximizing the benefits for the social media platform you’re on are different than maximizing the benefits for you and those you are leading."


And we all thought Tiger Woods' comeback was thrilling... Hark - look who made a comeback on Saturday Night Live a couple of moons back - the inimitable Eddie Murphy.  In the season of 'wise men,' (dearly needed on the globe, now more than ever) gift us one of humor, wit and fearless passion, à la Mr. Murphy.

Offensive, obnoxious and/or distastefully stereotyping?  Your call, my fellow elves.  Laughter (you ever attempted on the links, after a particularly pitiful result?) serves as such a healing & bonding act and emotion, while opening our eyes (and hearts) to the reality of so much.

Click above for a blast from the North Pole.

The Decade is Done

2020 comin' down your chimney faster than you can say "Kris Kringle" three times quickly after a few shots of eggnogHow were your previous years in the Candyland of golf progress?  Isn't it time you made a legit commitment (short cuts sound enticing, but alas, like that golf gadget package under your Christmas tree, shall not endure..) to moving forward in a positive manner as a wanderer of golf parks?

Let's discuss.  'Tis time.


“Blow, blow, thou winter wind, thou art not so unkind as man’s ingratitude.”

          ~ CS ~
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