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You remember the hit television sitcom-fantasy series from back in the mid 60's, early 70's?  If not (don't worry my fellow witches and warlocks, I shall jog your memories...), you surely recall the bewitching acts from a few moons ago upon the hallowed - and some consider haunted - grounds of Augusta National Golf Club, one Friday, April 12, 2019, do you not? 

Well, I'm here to refresh your memory and perspective on the episodes of this game we play - those which remain completely out of your control.  Ooh.  Ahh.  Scary, huh, 'cause we are all control freaks, to some extent.  So when things transpire that enter into the realm of the inexplicable, the incomprehensible and indecipherable, 'tis challenging for many to accept. 

And our modern day measurers of all... Data amassers.  Stat crunchers.  Analytics reviewers.  Steadfastly attempting to make complete and total 100% clinical sense of how things will play out in a round of golf, when, and why.  Pity they've yet to cross paths with the unfathomable.  The unreckonable.  The unfixed.   You?  Think you've got it all dialed in? 

Grab your broomstick and/or most trusted club, and read, watch and listen on.   You'll even 'hear from' (power quotes, courtesy of a foursome of legit smarty pants) throughout this missive, to help you better acknowledge, understand and make peace with 'happenings' that are, alas - out of your reach...

"Calling Dr. Bombay!
Emergency! Come Right Away!"

Really? For a guy who's suffered injuries in every conceivable part of his body from head to toe (the insides as well), and this happens out of the blue on our fateful Friday?  Click above..

Coulda easily blown out that ankle, and blown up his chances to win the tournament.  Instead, Tiger goes on to make birdie, and don green jacket #5. 

Guessing Dr. Bombay, above, was somewhere in the vicinity.  Remember him (click on the busy space traveler, above)?  The wacky and wonderful M.D. who would magically appear by simply calling out his name. 

What about you when something (weather, playing partners, bad bounces - elements out of your control) tries to knock you off your game?  You play victim & start crying for help - or suck it up, adjust and march on? Your choice - and there is magic in that decision, boys & girls...

"Everlasting misfortune does have one blessing: it ends up by toughening those whom it constantly afflicts"

-- Seneca

Uncle Arthur

Whoopsie... Kiradech Aphibarnrat biting the dust after his second on 17.  You kidding me?  Apparently the need for excessive hookspin on the shot - it finished inside of 20 feet, BTW - was the 'cause' of the tumble.  I respectively disagree.  OBVIOUSLY the work of the mischievous Uncle Arthur...

Ah, the merriest of pranksters, Uncle Arthur was.  Game of golf is supposed to be fun after all, isn't it?  You?  Out their grinding your arse off, in search trophies, accolades and/or ego strokes, thinking all is in order?   I understand; been there, done that.  And there's more my dear golfing friends.  But Arthur knew that... click on the platter of parsleyed-head above for a portion or two of humor - it'll do your soul, and game, good.

"Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control.  It is determined for the insect, as well as for the star.  Human beings, vegetables,  or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper."

Albert Einstein

Mrs. Kravitz

Can't believe your eyes? Neither could Jon Rahm when his second shot on 8 went.... uh.... sideways.  See the comet-looking blur in the middle-right portion of the screen above?  That's his golf ball, exiting, stage right, even.  Click on the poignant and powerful Spaniard above to get his take on it; as your guide & shepherd, I've spared you from actually having to view the hoselrocket missile. 

Nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz never had such a luxury, living next to the "Bewitched" household (click above for a short scene.  Poor Abner...).  You have the luxury - yet another choice - to dwell in the misery of past shots, or shut the proverbial window on them, and move on to the next. 

Oh, and that video review you just did of your golf swing?  How's that for a dose or reality?  Like Mrs. Kravitz, did you think you were seeing things?  Hallucinating?  Losing your mind?  Please understand that what you think, feel and believe you are doing, may very well not be what's happening.  Accurate feedback (flying newspapers and the like), in the form of video or other, is crucial for learning.

"We are not interested in the fact that the brain has the consistency of cold porridge."

Alan Turing


What in the name spells, curses and enchantments...??? I don't know where to start - so click on a bewildered (Bewitched?) Zach Johnson on the 13th tee above to take it all in.

The guy has won two majors and 12 PGA Tour events, yet managed to 'accidentally' hit his ball with a practice swing AND ricochet it off the tee marker?  Wow.  The ghosts of Amen Corner?  That of Clifford Roberts toying with Zach?  Me thinks it's more of an Endora trick...

Regardless, not paying full attention to what you are doing on the links will likely cost you more than it did the 2007 Masters champ here.  To the ever-changing elements in the atmosphere, on the scoreboard, and aboard your own personal emotional roller-coaster.  WAKE UP, peeps, and smell the proverbial coffee (or witches brew).

No Hocus-pocus here peeps - there exist many 'you's' within your singular physical shell.  Sub-personalities, if you will.  You know who they are... and you get to choose who comes out to play, and when.  Witches honor (the gesture you see from irrepressible mother-in-law Endora, above.  Click to view a few of her 'options.').

What?  You thought a sorceress just slung a spell your way and converted you into someone else (victim, Scaredy-cat, whiner, etc.)?  Time to take back your power, and remember that you are in charge out there on the links, and daily sidewalks. 

"I must pay tribute to the powerful but capricious lady, Chance, who chose to bestow her beneficence on my personal life even though I spent much of my mathematical life trying to prove that she does not really exist." 

-- Mark Kac

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I've got a better plan for you: science and experience-based concepts, ideas and insight designed to help you swing the club, and play the game, more effectively. 
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"Not every witch lives in Salem"



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