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Don't Let The Sun Go Down

On me.  Or you.  Title words from a classic Sir Elton John tune, visuals from the otherworldly White Sands National Monument (recent CS personal escape), end of day.  

Yet the sun will go down, on your days, your life - and what's happening right NOW in your golf game.  You ready?  Click above for a listen, then come back my way for a read.

"I'm growing tired and time stands still before me
Frozen here on the ladder of my life"

YOU growing tired of standing still - stagnating - with your golf, and/or life?  Stuck in some dysfunctional pattern, trend or keeping up with the Joneses?  Frozen on that corporate ladder (or worse yet: stepping on all those around you who can help you access the next rung?) or at the same old index - 'cause your afraid to follow your heart, passion & gut?  And/or try something new - learning takes time boys and girls - where you might fall back a step or two before moving forward?

Like with the sunset I bathed in, patience is required.  May look at times like it's never-ending... Yet like with most things, on and off the links - you have a choice: enjoy the journey, or bemoan the process. 

"Don't let the sun go down on me
Although I search myself, it's always someone else I see"

Or something else you see... Like the bird-cloud that suddenly appeared.  Good thing I was paying attention; are you?  To what's really going on in your golf swing (can you feel and experience the newness?), and in the golf park (not just the environmental conditions - but that fact that you've fled the concrete that is so often holding you hostage?)? To the fact that your golf guide may just be spreading the latest and greatest swing technique ("someone else's" motion - not necessarily yours), whilst plastering post after irrelevant post on SM to stroke their ego and raise their revenue? 

Perhaps it's time you looked up - instead of down at some blue-lit screen, stat, or piece of data.  The sky is ever-evolving, just like your golf swing and your game, day in, day out.

  Consistency is in fact a myth.  You think great players are more consistent?  Actually, they are more accepting of the chaos that exists in a round of golf, and flexible when it comes to adjusting to the ever-varied conditions we find on the links (and on the sidewalks of life). 

Not buying CS' fodder?  Think I got a little mind-warped roaming the sands of New Mexico?  Gotcha.  But do yourself a favor and click on the rad cumulus just above, take a few moments out of your busy-bee life, and listen to my rock-star Nike Golf colleagues Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott of Vision 54 peruse the topic on a Golf Science Lab chat...

"But these cuts I have, cuts I have

They need love
They need love, they need love to help them heal"

Think about all the trials, traumas and tribulations your two feet have seen you through over the years... Maybe it's time to give those 'dogs' some true love - mine received the vitamin D, exfoliation and re-connection to the planet Earth protocols (super high-tech) at White Sands - what about yours, fellow wanderers of the planet?

I play barefoot whenever possible - ground reaction force recognition on steroids - yet when I can't, I opt for the offerings of my peeps behind the berm in Beaverton.  Click above for some ideas...

And what about your spirit?  Think those two aren't intertwined?  Think again. 

Those cuts?  In the form of a missed short putt or two (when it really matters), stubbed/sculled chip, or wayward drive?  Or perhaps a lost job, heartbreak or spell of 'unfairness?' 

Well, you could use your hooves to go run and hide - hide from accountability, from responsibility (to yourself and others), from the pain - or you can decide (there's that choice thing, yet again) - to address and accept all (while learning from it), and start the healing process with some love.  Some compassion.  Some understanding.  Some empathy.  From yourself first off, then from others whose motivation is pure, not self-centered.

Try this next time after one of those "less-than-perfect" shots:

1.  Ask yourself: did you try your best/give it your all?  If so, how 'bout some encouragement and forgiveness in place of belittling and disgust?

2.  IMMEDIATELY find 3 good things about the shot or process.  I know: your mind jumps directly to what wasn't quite right, eh?  I understand.  But your brain residing in that thick skull of yours is malleable and plastic; you can train it to find the positives - the silver linings - with this simple routine.

3.  Stop and look around you?  What is it that you are actually doing?  Oh, you're playing golf.  So many others are unable... you know - working in the salt mines, financially restricted or physically incapable.  For a few short seconds, be grateful for the opp to be wandering the links, swinging a stick and chasing a rock.  Your energy just shifted. 

Your game need some guidance?  Some direction?  Some love?  I can help; but only if you are open and willing to help yourself.  Available at Eugene Country Club (below), or a golf park near you.

“A purely disembodied human emotion is a nonentity”
--  William James



          ~ CS ~
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