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"I am not teaching you anything."

But he is, today, this next-to-last day of February: the inimitable Bruce Lee.  Oh, he's alive and well, thank you.  Just depends where you look (like when searching for that stray drive), who you listen to (like with your golf game, and life), and what your belief system is (unlike anyone else's). 

So read - what a blessing literacy is, is it not?  Ponder - like good poetry.  Process - so his words might make a difference in your golf player/teacher relationship, and your relationships with the other humans you'll soon cross paths with.

"A good teacher can never be fixed in a routine.  Each moment requires a sensitive mind that is constantly changing and constantly adapting."

Where does that leave our "methodologists" - you know - those preachers of the latest and greatest, the trendy, and 'en vogue?'

"A teacher must never impose this student to fit his pattern. 
A good teacher protects his pupil from his own influence."

What's your pattern?  In life, and on the links?  Does it 'work?' Make sure your guides in the different realms nurture and nourish your gifts, your ways & your wiring, while creating a safe environment in which you can prosper.

"A teacher is never a giver of truth: he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself."

The truth? Whose truth?  Some alleged expert?  What does he or she really know about you?  Truth is dimensional; have you ever wondered what dimensions lie beyond the one of 3D?  There's nine, actually.  The smiling chap just above knows that.

"I am not teaching you anything.  I just help you explore yourself."

Need some guidance on the golf journey?  Sorry, I can't teach you anything... I can only help you explore some possibilities that might make your ride a little smoother.  You bought the ticket - now take the ride.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready... The teacher will Disappear.”

-- Lao Tzu




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