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"From The Beginning"

No, no, no - not the beginning of the 'Vid phase we are currently living, people - but the (near) beginning of our era's greatest negotiator of the links, Eldrick 'Tiger' Woods. 

I'll let all the supposed experts hypothesize re the bug's origins, just as they are in the 'how to swing a golf club realm' in every conceivable blue-lit screen nook and cranny.  Rather, allow me to share a few points on the education of a young TW from guide Rudy Duran, courtesy of Alan Shipnuck and my friends at GOLF Magazine.

Click above for the piece, then chip on back this way for some tunes (that is why you peruse the CS newsletter - n'est-ce pas?) -  and further insight on how you can awaken your dormant inner child, and find some clarity in the here and now for better performance, on and off the links...

ELP's classic offering from 1972, but of course.  Before your beginning?  No prob.  In need of a memory jog (or merely a therapeutic stroll through a golf park)? Click just north on your screen.  Turn volume UP.  Close lenses for less time than it takes you to play one hole of golf.  Listen.  Absorb.  Enjoy.

"There might have been things I missed

But don't be unkind
It don't mean I'm blind"

You, and your golf guide?  Missing parts to playing better golf?  Stuck indoors, obsessing over swing mechanics, data and averages?  I understand - and so did Duran.  Forgive me momentarily for sounding 'unkind' - but perhaps you are blind to the realities of what it takes to get the golf ball in the hole sooner.

"On reflection, Duran realized what drove him off the mini-tours was an obsession with swing mechanics that crushed his love for playing the game. At Heartwell (where he taught, and TW learned), Duran emphasized fun and inclusion, and he and Tiger became thick as thieves, the teacher and pupil having daily putting and chipping contests and playing countless rounds on the little course."

Is your love for playing the game being crushed by the way you are practicing and training?  Not enough fun, competition, nor on-course time?  Sounds like you too need a Train2Trust vaccine... click below for some details on the program I developed, based in neuroscience, motor learning, human performance - and my own self guinea-pigging as the Guinness World Record Holder in Speedgolf.

"Whatever was done is done
I just can't recall
It doesn't matter at all"

"In the years since, Duran has watched from afar Woods' rise and falls and rising again. 'He’s made some double bogeys in life,' he says with typical discretion, 'but I’m very impressed with the way he’s dug in and kept going. He seems to have evolved in a pretty profound way.'"

Amen - haven't we all? Poor choices.  Harmful reactions.  Less-than-perfect decisions. Welcome to the club, fellow humanoid roamers of the links, and planet.

The question then begs: So what, now what?  Nothing endures like change, so best to accept the inevitable peaks and valleys in a round of golf, and upon life's daily sidewalks.  You thought it was going to be smooth sailing, eh?  Think again - the Chaos Theory is alive, and quite well, thank you.

Permit me to put on my fancy, smart-talk mask for a brief moment, as so many of my brethren have chosen to do on the Interwebs.  But instead of trying to impress you (confuse you?) and sell you something, I shall offer something practical, my goal being to help, nothing more.  What a concept...

What are your intentions (more powerful than a Tiger stinger in its day) before each and every shot, and round?  Vague and cowardly?  Or specific about what you want, with your big boy or girl pants on?  You choose; the energy of the intention is ever-present, so use it as a 15th club in your bag.

The wondrous image just above is the Lorenz attractor - an icon of the Chaos Theory.  Want the scientific poop on this theory?  Click on the butterfly shaped design (you will learn about the butterfly effect as well an its relevance on you and your performance - and who doesn't like butterflies?) if you dare, then make sure you are aware of the following next time you step onto the 1st tee:

Chaos, randomness and disorder are the norm, and you are 'in control' of much less than you care to believe.. However, you can place your attention on the elements you do oversee 100%, like:

- Proper preparation in mind, body and spirit (for the chaotic storm ahead).

- Acknowledge, accept and adjust when the wackiness arrives (would you really play the game if it was boring, easy, and fair?).

- Adopt a mindset of gratitude, calm & warriorness, depending on the situation and conditions at hand (or play victim).

"You see, it's all clear
You were meant to be here

From the beginning"

Tough times for so many right now with "The 'Rona" disrupting our 'normalcy.'

What if... you too were meant to be here right now, for a reason.  Does not everything happen for a reason (the Chaos Theory would say "yes").  Cause and effect. 

Chronically typical golf swing example: open (pointing to the right - apologies, southpaws) clubface at impact = swing path to the left.  Address the cause or you shall suffer the effects. 

Is the change in your lifestyle not a fantastic opportunity for your golf game?  Forcing you to look at things differently?  A fresh perspective?  Finding better - more effective & efficient - ways?  You might very well be amazed at the outcomes, much as Duran was with his young golf wizard:

"Masters Sunday for Duran (April 2019) was business as usual, as he gave a string of lessons to golfers of varying age and ability.

'I heard a few shouts here and there, and a few people told me Tiger did this, Tiger did that,' says Duran with a chuckle. 'It’s not that I don’t care, because I do. But I’ve been watching Tiger do amazing things since he was four and a half. I guess I’m not easily amazed anymore.'"


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"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly."

     -- Richard Bach

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